Sails of hope. (1989)

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Producer LSDF

Recordist: V.Petriashvili

Other authors: V. Smirnova, V. Kirnarskij, M. Mass, V. Burcev, S. Ignatenko, V. Glazkov, L. Petriashvili, A. Petrov, A. Shifrin, A. Konoplev, M. Vnukov


The film tells about sailing on the largest sailboats and their participation in international regattas.

Fleet | Sea and river transport | Education

Army | Defense and internal security | Transportation | Sectors of the economy | Social life

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Children play on the playground near the village church.

Wooden house on the river bank.

View of the Peter and Paul Fortress, an excursion boat passes by.

The building of the Leningrad naval school.

Applicants at the entrance to the school.

Applicants talk about themselves, talk about the reasons that prompted them to enter the maritime school (synchronously), the faces of young men.

The rise of the sail training ship.

Views of the ship's deck (top), anchor, moored to the side.

Types of sailing ship "Sedov".

Cadets rotate the steering wheel.

Cadets in formation on the deck.

The students set the rigging of the bowsprit.

Training in the binding of sea knots.

Sewing flags of colorization on the deck.

Cadets perform a variety of shipboard work.

Washing a sailor's robe.

The robes are drying on the deck by the side.

The boat accompanying the ship.

Cadets set sail.

The captain gives the command.

The process of setting sail during a sailing emergency.

The ship with the sails set goes forward.

Sailboats on the countercourse in front of the entrance to London.

Cadets at the side of the sailboat.

View of the bridge over the Thames, cadets on a sightseeing boat.

Cadets talk with foreign colleagues who came to the start of the regatta "Catty Sark-89".

The bow figure on the Catty Sark clipper.

Residents of London in the queue for the inspection of the sailboat "Sedov".

Guests inspect the sailboat.

Cadets talk to guests.

Cadets row a multi-oared canoe.

The rise of the sails.

View of the deck part (synchronously).

Cadets climb the masts.

Cleaning the sails.

View of the masts with the sails retracted.

Regular cleaning of the sail.

Cadets at the sailing works.

View of the mast with the sails set.

Cadets rotate the steering wheel.

The frigate "Coventry" and sailing vessels before the start of the regatta.

The captain is on the bridge.

Participants of the regatta take a course for Hamburg.

Sailing ship "Sedov" in Hamburg.

View of the ship's bowsprit.

Sailboat on the course.

Cadets on the deck pull up the rigging, set the sails.

The sailboat goes under the wind.




At Sea



Youth; Towns and countries
Social life; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the mainmast and bow of the sailboat.

View of the Hamburg marina, residents of the city welcome the participants of the regatta.

Cadets on the mast after cleaning the sails.

The tug starts the sailboat in the port.

Flags of colorization in the Soviet sailboats.

Residents of Hamburg watch the mooring of Soviet ships, take pictures of them.

Behalf of the residents of Hamburg.

A man looks out the window of a sailboat.

People on the pier and embankment (panorama).

Sailing ship "Kruzenshtern" at the pier.

View of the Hamburg Port and the embankment, people on the embankment.

Performance of a brass jazz orchestra.

The faces of the spectators and participants of the regatta.

Participants of the regatta on the streets of Hamburg during the holiday.

The teams of the sailboat "Sedov" and other vessels participating in the regatta at the solemn procession through the streets of Hamburg.

Visitors in the street beer bar.

The German treats the cadets with cigarettes.

Sailing ship "Sedov" in the Hamburg docks.

Residents of Hamburg on the deck of a sailboat.

Fire boats go through the water area of the port.

Views of streets and buildings in Hamburg.

View of one of the street cafes, people on the streets of the city.

The students talk with representatives of the local young people and colleagues in the profession.

The students are talking to a woman of Russian emigrants.

A village house on the river bank, a motor boat sails along the river.

View of the Hamburg port.

Light aircraft flying over the port.

Sailboats in the port.

Residents of Hamburg on the pier during the send-off of Soviet sailboats.

Tugboats take sailboats out of the port water area.

Sailboats go to the exit of the port.

Panorama of the Hamburg embankment with people seeing off sailboats.

The sailing ship comes from a port.

The students wave their hands goodbye.

Yachts accompany the sailboat.

Cadets rotate the steering wheel.

Types of ship rigging, sails on masts.




At Sea



Holidays; International cooperation; Youth
Social life; Space