This is a gliding sport. (1977)

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Producer LSDF

Director: B.Blinovskij

Script writers: A.Celyak

Operators: A.Ivanov

Recordist: E.Belyaeva


The core of the film is a sports competition glider pilots. Technical and promotional videos and filming flights, aerobatics, a view of the earth from height of bird's flight, the Assembly process of airframe at the factory.

Air transport | Sporting events

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Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Vytautas Sabeckis in the cockpit of the glider.

Glider in the air.

A woman in the cockpit of a glider.

Two gliders in the air.

TITLE: This is a gliding sport

The airfield of the DOSAAF sports gliding club.

Opening of the competition.

Gliders at the airfield.

Participants of the competition plot the route on the map.

The scout glider is sent flying.

Cumulus clouds.

A bird's-eye view of the earth.

Athletes waiting for the start.

Athletes sit in the glider.

The start of the glider.

Gliders in the air.

Assembly of the new glider "Lithuania".

Design office.

Glider in the sky.


Sabeckis V. -planerist, absolyutnij chempion SSSR, master sporta mezhdunarodnogo klassa


Orel region

Sporting events; Sport

Reel №2

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Gliders soar in the sky.

Absolute champion of the USSR, Master of Sports of international class Vytautas Sabeckis in the cockpit of a glider.

A glider is taken out of the hangar.

Head aeroclub Alexandras of Ionushas at the command post.

The girl at the command post writes down the readings in the log.

The glider hovers above the ground.

The first athletes are waiting for the judge.

The judges observe the gliders in a special optical device.

The first glider pilot lands.

Analysis of the flight.

The glider pilot, who did not reach the finish line, approaches the judging group.

A truck pulls a glider on a cable.

Gliders at the airfield.

Glider pilot in the cockpit.

The instrument panel in the cockpit.


Vitaustas Sabeckis- planerist,Absolyutnij chempion SSSR, Master sporta mezhdunarodnogo klassa


Orel region


Canuas Gliding Club



Sporting events; Sport