Die Deutsche Wochenschau 1941 № 563

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Producer UFA

Operators: Bajer,Bruhman,Ertlj,Yakobi,Rode,Shtess,Cajtlinger,Liphard,Mahinek i dr

Reel №1

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The parade of Thai troops in commemoration of the settlement of the border disputes between Thailand and Indochina.

The passage of troops.

Local residents watch the parade.

Driving armored vehicles.

Air parade.



The parade of troops of the Japanese army.

Emperor Hirohito inspects troops on horseback, takes the salute.

The passage of troops, artillery, tanks.


Japanese military operations against China.

Japanese planes bombed Chinese territory.

Japanese troops in the offensive.

Burning village on the river.

Artillery fire from guns.

The capture of the Chinese city.


The head of the Imperial youth Arthur Axman arrives in Rome for a rally of Nazi youth.

Axman and Mussolini guard of honor at the station.

They are in the stadium Foro Mussolini.

The passage of the athletes.

Mass physical training of athletes with flags.

Living pictures: geometric shapes and words.

Duce and Axman on the podium.

Mussolini welcomes young people.



Children from Hamburg and other areas subjected to air raids, in the Prater.

Riding on the children's railway, the children wave flags with a swastika.

Riding on the carousel, the Ferris wheel, "American" slides.

Germany, The Berghof.

Hitler receives the Bulgarian Tsar Boris III. After a conversation with eye to eye they say goodbye on the stairs.

Boris III sits on the car.


The Romanian leader, ion Victor Antonescu arrives in Munich on 11-12 June 1941,/.

Laying a wreath at the graves of fallen fighters.

Antonescu car pulls up to the Palace, he was greeted by field Marshal Keitel and foreign Minister Ribbentrop.

They are in the hall, where Antonescu takes the führer.

Conversation Antonescu and the führer.

Yugoslavia, Serbia.

The restoration of the destroyed bridge by a German bomb squad in Belgrade.

Sappers at work.

The restored bridge.

The solemn opening ceremony.

The bridge is a structure decorated with flowers.

Inscription: "Bridge named after General Ville, built in the period 23 April - 29 may 1941".

A view of the bridge from above.



The landing of German and Italian troops on the island.

Soldiers descend from the ship to barges and boats, ferried ashore.

The landing of the soldiers.

Military action against the British.

German soldiers in a mountainous area, see the shells exploding.

The German advance in the southern part of the island.

Are English prisoners, they pour water.

English abandoned equipment, ammunition.

The consequences of fighting, destruction of equipment, tanks, vehicles.

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Reel №2

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German ships in the campaign.

Over water flying Albatross, dolphins bathe.

The sailors on the deck relax, sunbathe.

Puppy dragging in his teeth a cap.

Repairs in the engine room.

The observer at his post.

Seemed English armed ship.

The German captain sent sailors to the ship in a boat, visiting an enemy ship.

The cargo ship was confiscated and taken to the German ship, the men stacked boxes marked "eggs."

The English team moves on to the German ship.

German ship shoot the ship, it goes to the bottom.

The trek continues in the storm.

Another enemy ship.

The team take on Board.

The sinking of the British ship.

The third, fourth, fifth and sixth ships.

They are also sent to the bottom.

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