Ostland Woche 1944 № 20805

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Kaunas theater.

Pop concert for soldiers in the frontal region, which leads the actor Hans Richter.

He is a singer who performs a number from the classical repertoire.

Those soldiers, students, nurses, residents.

At the airport in Bucharest, with the plane lands arrived to inspect the German Air Force, located in Romania, Major General Galland.

He is greeted by German and Romanian officers.

The famous German surgeon Zauerbruk recently operated on King Mihai I in Bucharest, examines a number of hospitals.

It bypasses the doctors Chamber is looking x-rays, visits the department with baths for patients, prosthetic workshop.

Snowdrifts in the French Alps blocked the railroad tracks.

Cleaning paths goes through a special structure.

Winter sports in full swing in Moravia.

Children and young people ride with skiing and sledding.

Girls play with the puppy.

Mass downhill sledge from the mountain.

Children shape the snowman, organize comic battle with snowballs.

Ski competition in the national championship in 1944. 110 participants showed great skill in skiing, slalom.

Wrestling match took place in Berlin.

The international tournament involving Germany, Slovakia and Norway.

Performers are athletes.

Among the spectators many soldiers.

Oath of the new replenishment of the Serbian police, which takes the commander of Serbian police general Borivoi Yonich.

Columns of police on the square in Belgrade.

Patch on the sleeve close-up.

General bypass operation.

At the ceremony comes the representative of the Prime Minister of Milan Nedic.

After taking the oath to the soldiers drawn Mullah.

Map of the northern sector of the front Leningrad, Narva, Luga.

Shooting German artillery in the place.

Construction of the new positions of the Germans by a trench plow.

Soldiers with shovels digging trenches.

Soldiers in camouflage near the train.

Lunch from the field kitchen, soldiers receive soup in a pot, cook distributes dry rations, pours out cookies box.

On the way, riding tanks, scouts come in camouflage.

The attack of German tanks.

View from riding a tank, it breaks the bushes and trees.

Shoot the tanks, mortars.

The battle continued till night, the enemy retreats.

Taken Soviet trenches, they are killed by Soviet soldiers, are broken tanks, guns.

Tank explosion ripped apart.

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Reel №2

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Military operations in southern Italy.

The Anglo-American bridgehead at Nettuno taken by the German army.

Lying broken American equipment, tanks.

The prisoners sit on the ground, smoking.

German doctor bandaging the wounded prisoners.

On the edge of the bridgehead played dogfight.

The prisoners and the soldiers looked into the sky.

Zigzag stripes smoke can be seen that the enemy compound dispersed by German fighters.

German anti-aircraft guns shooting at allied aircraft.

German paratroopers preparing for battle, collect parachutes, are on the ground.

Knight Knight's Cross, Major Walter Gericke, commander of amphibious group with his men preparing for a combat mission.

Heavy ensures the protection unit.

Beachhead The bombardment of German artillery.

Chief of the Italian front, Field Marshal Albert Kesselring looks in telescope.

Go shelling Anzio.

Shoots heavy railway gun.

Break, shot through the periscope.

Gunners cast aside huge liner from the shells.

Anxiety on the German airfield.

The German fighters are ready to fight.

Close up of a spinning propeller.

Received reports of approaching enemy planes.

Pilots run out of the barracks, get in the car.

The announcer said that last week during terrorist raids on Germany were destroyed, more than 600 British and American aircraft, mainly four-engine bombers.

Air battle with allied aircraft.

English bomber shot down, it burns.

The German squadron rushes on the enemy.

Landing a young pilot, who won the first aerial victory, the aircraft flaps its wings.

Pilots meet comrades bear arms.

Pilots share their impressions about the fight.

The wreckage of the aircraft in the woods English extinguish hose.

Scattered parts of the bomber.

Forced landing of British aircraft.

The onset of a blizzard does not prevent German fighters to fight on.

Stormtroopers go up into the sky.

Air fight, burning bomber.

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