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Producer UFA

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Built the largest bridge in Europe, connecting the Islands of Zealand and Falster, with a length of 3.2 km.

The opening of the bridge comes the Royal couple.

Meeting on the occasion of the opening of the bridge, king Christian X on the day of his 67th birthday speech.

A view of the bridge from above, floating on the water, the sailboats, the bridge the train is moving.

Pilots returning from Asia.

Berlin airport Tempelhof.

Landing aircraft with the flight crew "Pania", long considered lost.

The pilots - commander von Gatland, Navigator of Uncrouch, radio operator Kirhof, who was in Chinese captivity - at home.

They are greeted by General aviation milch, he delivers a welcome speech.

The commander of the crew, performs with his response.

Pilots carry in the car through the crowd.


Mecklenburg stud celebrates 125-year anniversary.

Grooms lead the horses, run them in a circle.

Demonstration of cavalry and motorcyclists.

Horses react to cars around them motorcycles.

In a circle go sledding with a five-horse team with ten horses.

USA Young people demonstrate the elements of wrestling, JIU-jitsu.

Training for this fight for self-defense.


From across the country to the banks of the turbulent Columbia river come fishing.

They catch salmon using nets with special walkways.

California was the greatest in many years, the fire neftesnab.

More than 50 thousand litres of oil in tanks exploded and began to threaten the southern part of San Francisco.

Firefighters are trying to extinguish the flames.

In new York held a parade of former military veterans of the 1st world war and members of the American Legion.

More than 100 thousand people go in the Grand parade on the streets of the city, in front is a girl with a rod in hand, performing various movements.

One of the veterans doing stunts.

A man dressed like a cowboy with a lasso whips out from the crowd the girl and attracts.

The man marches and simultaneously plays the drums, blows his horn.

Riding the bus with elegant public.

Wagon rides with the layout of the ship.

Night shot, burning light is.

People excitedly shouted, waving his hands.

East Prussia.

Great autumn manoeuvres of the German troops in East Prussia.

Troops moving on the road, driving cavalry.

Crossing the river.

Pointer: Legionen at Konigsberg.

Goes artillery, the soldiers set the gun.

The firing of guns.

Infantry advancing behind the tanks.

Gunners shoot.

Day of German peasants.

October 3 in Berlin the propaganda Ministry were awarded Certificates to employees of livestock for preservation and enhancement of the cattle.


Goebbels speech to the Union of peasants and workers for the gala dinner.

Acceptance speech, the conversation at the table.

In the town of Buckeburg was held on the occasion of the peasants, which arrived Hitler. 1 million 200 thousand German peasants gathered on a huge field.

Hitler rides in the car past the ranks of soldiers, crowds of peasants, passing by people, shaking hands.

Next to Hitler, Goebbels.

Hitler made a speech about what a colony is not the solution.

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