Faithful Sons Of People.. (1967)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: B. Nebilickij

Script writers: E. Vorobjev, B. Nebilickij

Operators: A. Istomin, E. Yacun, V. Citron, O. Arceulov, V. Kiselev, Yu. Korovkin, O. Lebedev, A. Berlin, A. Popova

Composers: E. Krilatov, M. Tabachnikov

Anouncers: L. Hmara

Text writers: E. Vorobjev, M. Svetlov

Recordist: K. Nikitin, V. Baranochnikov, Yu. Zorin, Yu. Ogandzhanov, E. Umanskij

Painter: M. Artamonov, M. Morozova


The film tells about the life of the Soviet army, its combat readiness, about the new military equipment entering the troops.

Army | Defense and internal security

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The text of the Decree on the creation of the Red Army, signed by Lenin V. I. under the decree.

Photos of Red Army soldiers and Red Army commanders during the Civil War, photos of military operations.

Photos of the Red Army during the Great Patriotic War and the Victory Parade.

The helicopter is flying over the treetops.

Helicopter landing on the site.

The officers of the missile troops ' duty shift get out of the helicopter.

The officers approach the gate.

Pressing the conditional code, the gate opens automatically.

The officers are walking along the path.

The sentry demands to tell the password, says the review, lets the officers into the territory of the object.

An armored door opens.

The officers go down to the bunker, hand the passes to the duty officer.

The officers go down in the elevator.

Reception and delivery of combat posts at the command post, officers take up duty.

The shift begins to perform the combat task.

Officers report on the readiness of combat systems.

The missile silo opens.

Strategic missile inside the mine, the face of the duty officer.

Mobile medium-range missile systems are moving along the forest road to the firing position.

View of a moving column (from above).

Bringing the rocket launcher into combat position.

Rockets before launch.

Panorama of the area, the air defense locator rotates.

Air defense locators on alert in the desert.

Duty shift of air detection in front of radar screens.

The locator antenna rotates.

The duty shift at one of the air defense points in the Far North makes its way through a blizzard on duty.

The locator rotates.

A tracked snowmobile goes through the foothills.

Soldiers meet a snowmobile at a high-altitude air defense point.

Distribution of letters and newspapers to military personnel.

Unloading crates of food.

Ice on the rotating locator.

Duty shift in front of the radar screens.

Signalmen transmit data from the telegraph communication node.

The work of the air defense headquarters located underground.







Defense and internal security

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A flying plane.

The target on the radar screen of the air defense.

The duty officer reports the detected target.

The computer at work.

Transmitting a report by command.

The fighter pilots on duty are preparing for departure.

Pilots drive up to the plane by car.

The crew of the aircraft takes seats in the cockpit.

Calculations of anti-aircraft missile systems are on alert.

The numbers of one of the calculations take their places, prepare the rocket for launch.

Rocket launchers are deployed on the target.

The Air Defense Commander receives a report on the nature of the target.

A fighter-interceptor taxies to the runway.

Take-off of the interceptor.

Tracking the offending aircraft.

The interceptor goes to the target.

The pilot's face.

The pilot's hand pulls back the trigger button bracket.

The launch of missiles "air-air".

Defeat of an air target.

The interceptor is in flight.

The downed plane hits the ground, burns.

A report on the destruction of the intruder aircraft, an announcement of gratitude to the participants of the control exercise.

The anti-aircraft missile system is deployed on the target.

Take-off of a fighter-interceptor.

The target detection locator rotates.

Duty shift during the service, the faces of soldiers and officers.

Seeing off conscripts at one of the Moscow railway stations.

The face of the conscript A. Korotkov.

Parents accompany Basil Tumanova.

Conscripts wave goodbye from the doors and windows of the cars.

The train is leaving.

A brass band is playing on the platform.

Seeing the recruit A. Kovalchuk in the village Stroganovka.

The old man in the Georgian village of drinking wine from a horn while the wires of the recruit I. Mgeladze.

Girls hand flowers to the conscript.

The Face Of Mgeladze.

The top Mgeladze went to the recruitment office.

Winter landscape outside the train window.

The faces of the recruits Korotkov and Perelygin, traveling on a train to the Pacific Ocean.

The faces of the recruits, the winter scenery outside the window.

Conscripts sing songs to the accompaniment of an accordion.

Winter landscape outside the car window.

Person V. Tumanova and his companions.

Meeting replenishment in a military unit, conscripts enter the territory of the unit in formation.

Formation of conscripts on the parade ground.

Taking out the banner of the regiment on the parade ground.

The faces of the recruits.

Newsreel: farewell to the banner of demobilized soldiers after the end of the Great Patriotic War.

The ceremony of handing over weapons to young soldiers.

The banner of the regiment is carried on the parade ground.

Issuing uniforms to young soldiers.

Learning to wrap footcloths on your feet.

Sergeant Horev adjusts the uniform of a young soldier.

Old-timers explain to young soldiers the rules of wearing uniforms, talk about the rules of internal regulations.







Armament; Youth
Defense and internal security; Social life

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Foreman Horev adjusts the overcoats of the recruits hanging on the hanger.

Horev walks around the barracks after lights out.

The sleeping soldier.

Warships of the Pacific Fleet on the roadstead.

Lifting the ship's crew.

Korotkov puts on a vest and a sailor's uniform.

Training of young soldiers in drill walking on the parade ground.

Conducting training of anti-aircraft gun crews to bring the material part into combat position.

Training of signalmen in Morse code and working on the key.

View of the parade ground of a military unit during the taking of the oath.

The faces of young soldiers standing in the ranks.

Soldiers and sailors of various units and ships read the text of the oath (synchronously).

Parade of the personnel of one of the military units after taking the military oath.

Tank column on the march.

Views and panorama of the exercises of the tank unit (above).

Mobile anti-aircraft missile systems and tanks on the march.

The faces of the soldiers.

A column of armored personnel carriers makes a march.

A command and staff car passes by.

Division commander Major General Alexandrov at the mobile command post.

Staff officers put on the map a combat situation.

Crossing the water boundary.

Planes fly by.

Armored vehicles fire on the move during the crossing of the water line.

Tank crossing on a self-propelled pontoon (top).

Soldiers fire small arms from an armored personnel carrier during the formation of a water barrier.

Rocket artillery is firing.

An infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) goes ashore.

Planes fly by.

The infantry disembarks from the IFV.

Attack a simulated enemy with the support of armored vehicles.

Panorama of a part of the polygon (top).

Helicopters with tactical troops on board are sent to the near rear of the imaginary enemy.

Pilots in the cockpit of a helicopter.

Lieutenant-General Skomorokhov gives the landing team radio commands from the command post.

Flying helicopters with the tactical assault.

The pilot is in the cockpit of a helicopter.

Landing troops from helicopters.

Unloading of armored vehicles from helicopters.

Trucks with landing troops begin to move.

Air assault units during the landing in the aircraft.

The tanks begin to force the water barrier along the bottom of the river.

Towing an artillery piece by a tank forcing a water barrier.

Tanks are on the bottom of the river, the crew inside one of the tanks.

Tanks go ashore, drop the exhaust pipes.

The tanks start firing on the move.

Generals Kuznetsov and Govorov over the map of the exercises.







Armament; Military exercises and maneuvers
Defense and internal security; Army

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Military transport planes with troops on board in flight over the clouds, rotating propellers.

Pilots in the cockpit.

Paratroopers wear oxygen masks.

The command to release the landing party lights up.

The release of airborne troops from aircraft.

Domes of parachutes in the sky, performing a long jump.

The release of armored vehicles and cargo by parachute.

Landing of armored vehicles.

Landing after landing.

Tanks attack the imaginary enemy, planes fly by.

Aviation conducts training bombing.

Dumping of pontoon-bridge parks into the water, automatic unfolding of pontoons in the water.

The officer looks at the stopwatch.

Sappers will connect parts of the pontoons to guide the pontoon bridge, officers will signal with flags.

View of the guided pontoon bridge.

Armored vehicles pass over a pontoon bridge to the other side.

Return of the motorized rifle unit in formation to the field camp.

Conducting political information in a field camp, the faces of soldiers.

Conducting physical training classes, jumping over a horse, performing exercises on the uneven bars.

Panorama of the sports town during physical training classes.

Ground training of paratroopers-parachutists.

Training on a ground catapult.

Ejection from the plane in the air.

Landing of the ejected pilot.

Comrades congratulate the pilot on the first ejection.

Preparing the rocket for launch.

Private A. Kovalchuk acts as part of the calculation.

Operators at the rocket control panel.

The anti-aircraft self-propelled gun fires at air targets.

Bringing an anti-tank guided projectile into combat position.

Launch of an anti-tank projectile, the gunner controls the flight of the projectile.

Defeat of the tank of the conditional enemy.

Sending a command to destroy an air target.

Launch of missiles and defeat of air targets.

The cadets of the military school during the classes in mathematics, one of the students meet at the blackboard.

Passing an exam at the Naval Academy using an electronic computer.

The examinee officer answers the questions (synchronously).

Students of the Academy of the General staff working with maps during the lessons on tactics.

Students during the next lecture.

The Minister of Defense of the USSR Grechko speaks at a meeting of the highest command staff.

The faces of generals and admirals, among them - Baghramyan I. Kh.


Grechko andrej Antonovich -- warlord
Bagramyan Ivan Hristoforovich -- warlord







Armament; Generals and war heroes; Military exercises and maneuvers; Military Education
Defense and internal security; Biography; Army

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Reel №6


Reel №7