Help of colonies of France. (1910 - 1919)

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Reel №1

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France./for recordal part 2/.

The soldiers of the colonial armies on maneuvers.

Soldiers in the field.

A sentry on duty.

On the Franco-German front.

Soldiers go.

Military sports exercises.

Gathering in the square.

General speech.

The presentation of the regiment of Riflemen from the colonies.

Group of senior officers down the line.

Excerpt from the order dated January 5, 1917 about the military achievements of the regiment.

The officer pinning the medal to the banner of the regiment.

Shooter Senegalese rifle battalion.

Exercising Senegalese Riflemen.

Gimnasio,exercises on the bar.

The text of the remarks of General Bangera about the excellent qualities of the Senegalese soldiers.

Similar statements of the generals and Dodds ' Gallieni.

Senegalese arrows in the campaign.

Soldiers climb the mountain.

I quote from the letter of a Bubo Diarra his son into the army with a call to courageously fight for France.

The camp of Senegalese Riflemen.


Exercise in running.

A field kitchen.

Senegalese pleasure.

National games and dances.

Competitions in wrestling.

Military lessons.

Training methods of the bayonet.

Training grenade on the ground and out of the trench.

The teachings of the bomb squad.

The installation of the barbed wire.

Training in the use of gas masks.

Rehearsal combat attack.

Departure to the front.

Loading into wagons.

An excerpt from the text of the order of the military exploits non-commissioned officer Mamadou Diarra.

Portrait Diarra.

The Senegalese troops.

Their inspectorul officer.

The passage unit.

Caption:"The End"

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Reel №2

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/ According to the leader tape part 1 /.

In Marocco.

Sultan sends General Liageyu and workers for agricultural work.

Sultan welcomes General.

Passage of troops.

Directions cavalry.

Marching Moroccans.

Moroccan horsemen in the desert.

Agricultural operations in Morocco.


A herd of camels.

Sacks of grain.

Weighing grain.

Transporting grain by barge.

A herd of cattle on the shore.

Soldiers Annamites / indokitaytsy / pass under the arch.

A group of soldiers.

Annamites an aircraft factory for the assembly of aircraft.

Annamites assist in loading various cargoes on road works.

Annamites in their barracks.

Lunch, washing, washing of feet.


Annamites in national costumes and masks.

A fragment of the national theatrical performance.

Patriotic demonstration in Morocco.

Recording volunteers.

The soldiers of the colonial troops.

Sending soldiers Annamites.

Soldiers on parehode and train.

The colonial cavalry.

The soldiers on the bridge.

Colonial troops in Belgium.

Mounted troops.

Camp colonial troops.

The film is permeated with the spirit of colonialist, and intended to show "loyalty" of the colonies and the mother country of their readiness to send soldiers to die for the interests of France.

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Key words

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