Take-off.. (1969)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Script writers: Agranovskiy A.

Operators: Istomin A., Mikhaylov L., Khavchin A., Savin A.

Anouncers: Khmara L.


The film is about the pursuit of our aviation world's first supersonic passenger plane TU-144.

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Temporary description

Film about Tupolev. Aircraft Tupolev at work in the design office, in a meeting, talking about his work, life (synchronously). AN and AA Tupolev design bureau, at home, in the country. AATupolev (aircraft, the Tupolev's son) gives interviews (synchronously). Assembly and testing of the Tu-144. The TU-144 at the airport, in the air. Test pilot Elsen gives interviews (synchronously). Chronicle. Aircraft "ANT-3", "ANT-6", "ANT-25" on the ground, in the air. Airplane "Maxim Gorky" in flight.

Reel №1

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Machines are taken out of the hangar on the flight pad new passenger supersonic aircraft "TU-144".

The TU-144.

Tupolev aircraft on vacation in the country - is the mall, consider flowers.

A. Tupolev in KB, the hand draws the contours of the aircraft.

Layout of the Tu-144.

Tupolev is discussing with a group of designers to design new aircraft KB (synchronously).

Aircraft AATupolev provides an explanation (sinhr.)

Perform other designers (synchronously).

The test model aircraft at supersonic speed, a laboratory instrument.

The test model TU-144 in a wind tunnel.

Tupolev and son AA Tupolev home.

Assembling the Tu-144 in the factory.

Supersonic fighters in the air.

Test chassis Tu-144.

AA Tupolev aircraft factory in the shop.

Pilot E. Yelyan etc.

pilots on the ground working on the flight.

Tupolev asks the captain pilot E. Elyana tell aircraft ready to fly (sinhr.).

E. report Yelyan (sinhr.)

The TU-144 on the runway.

Tupolev gets out, goes to the aircraft (shooting 1968.).

Airplanes go to the crew pilots Yelyan E., T. Seliverstov, V. Bender, M. Kozlov.

The crew of the aircraft climbs the ladder.

Reel №2

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The TU-144 on the runway landing, the captain pilot E. Yelyan asks for permission to take off (synchronously).

The plane takes off, the plane in the air.

A Tupolev aircraft designers and S. Tupolev at the airport.

Photos Tupolev, Zhukovsky, etc.

Interview Tupolev (sinhr.).


The first aircraft Tupolev.

Parade on Red Square.

Airplane "Dobrolet.

Soviet Wings "at the airfield.


Over Red Square plane flies "Maxim Gorky" designed by Tupolev.

ANT-6 at the North Pole, winterers meet the plane.

ANT-25 in flight.

VP Chkalov, GF Baidukov, A. Belyakov after direct flight from Moscow to the United States.

Military troops jumping from the wing heavy bomber Tupolev (diff).

Tupolev in the form of general, Tupolev of the office staff, his congratulations.

Tupolev and others at the airfield at the Tu-104.

TU-144 in the air.

E. Yelyan pilot in the cockpit.

Vantage point on the ground.

Rotating disk recorder with voice Elyana during a test flight.

Stewardess in the empty cabin.

Cabin, the crew in the cockpit during the flight.

Schetnovychislitelny center in the cockpit.

Aircraft landing gear, approach, landing.

Crew members go down the ladder.

Tupolev hugs E. Elyana.

Plane takes off TU-144.

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