Our Gagarin. (1971)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bessarabov I., Golovanov Ya.

Script writers: Bessarabov I., Golovanov Ya.

Composers: Shnitke A.

Anouncers: Kvasha I.


Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space.

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Reel №1

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Photos Gagarin different years of astronauts, flight school student, among children in the family, at the microphone, etc.

Yuri Gagarin (synchronous) tells the story of his flight into space on the ship "Vostok".

Newsreel 1961. - The command post of the Mission Control Center, a variety of services of the Centre in the workplace.

Image of Yuri Gagarin on TV screens at the command post.

Morning sky.

Yuri Gagarin before flying dress, pockets the card comes out of the room, sits down vavtobus.

Rides the bus.

Yuri Gagarin gets off the bus, says goodbye to the astronauts, including Popovich, Nikolaev, A. Leonov, goes to the rocket, up the stairs, enter the elevator.

Elevator rises to the space capsule.

Launch vehicle and spacecraft "Vostok".

Yuri Gagarin in the cabin.

Chief Designer Sergei Korolev of Management Center talks to Yuri Gagarin on the radio announcing the minute availability (synchronously).

Given the ignition of the rocket moving away rods, blast-off.

The shadow of the rocket on the ground.

People on the streets listening to the radio message on the launch of a spacecraft with a man on board.

Youth chanting "Hurray!" Printed newspaper "Pravda".

People read newspapers on the streets with the message of the flight of Yuri Gagarin.

Work telephone operator switchboard International telephone exchange.

The building of the newspaper "L'Humanité" in Paris, working in the office.

Parisians are reading newspapers on the streets with a message about the flight of the Soviet spacecraft.

In printing pechatatyutsya newspapers, selling newspapers on the street.

Girl shows a photo of Yuri Gagarin.

Foreign children cut pictures from newspapers, Gagarin made the stand.

A young man holding a banner "everything in the cosmos".

Spontaneous demonstration on the streets of Moscow on Red Square.

Demonstrations youth abroad.

Image of Yuri Gagarin's flight on television screens at mission control.

Two-way communication with the Yuri Gagarin by radio (synchronously).

Earth from Space.

Spring flood, the trees in the water, sky, clouds.

On the field are the students of the Saratov airport flight school.

Plane takes off, the plane in the air.

Lieutenant Yuri Gagarin is engaged in the reading room.

Spacecraft assembly in the shop.

Yuri Gagarin trained in the centrifuge.

Training on the bailout.

Yuri Gagarin with sensors on the body of the doctor's office.

Yuri Gagarin on the runway after landing with a parachute.

Diving and swimming in the pool.

Yuri Gagarin out of the water.

Yuri Gagarin during training in the cockpit of the ship "Vostok".

Rocket and spacecraft "Vostok" driven to the launch site, set at the start.

Panorama from the reflection in the water on a house where the parents live Gagarin.

Mother AT Gagarin Gagarin in the garden.

Interview AT Gagarina (synchronously).

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Reel №2

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Father and brothers Gagarin home.

One of the brothers said he learned of the flight of Yuri in space (synchronously).

Cab "Vostok" after landing.

Yuri Gagarin em talking on the phone with the Kremlin leaves the house.

Yuri Gagarin in the cabin of the aircraft, flying to Moscow.

The plane "IL-18" in the air.

The helicopter dropped leaflets.

Meeting of Yuri Gagarin at Vnukovo airport: aircraft taxis, Yuri Gagarin is on the carpet, kisses his wife and parents.

Machines with Yuri Gagarin and occurs passing through the streets of Moscow, enter the Kremlin.

The rally in Red Square, Yuri Gagarin on the mausoleum welcomes Muscovites.

George Hall of the Kremlin, Marshal Malinovsky hugs Gagarin.

Brezhnev gives Yuri Gagarin Gold Star of Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin, hugs astronaut.

Yuri Gagarin's trip to foreign countries - meeting in Czechoslovakia, Yuri Gagarin with his wife V. Gagarin Japanese teahouse, Bulgarian peasants greeted Gagarin bread with salt, meeting Gagarin in Arab and African countries.

Newsreel 1961 1967gg.

Yuri Gagarin and Titov go to classes at the Air Force Academy.


Yuri Gagarin, and others in the classroom.

Photo - SP Korolev and Yuri Gagarin.

Cosmonauts Vladimir Komarov, Feoktistov and Yegorov in the cockpit spaceship "Voskhod" before the flight.

Yuri Gagarin talking to the astronauts on the radio (synchronously).

Yuri Gagarin meets coming out of the bus cosmonauts Belyayev, etc.

Interview Gagarin (synchronously).

Yuri Gagarin of the deputies to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, to the delegates of the 14th Congress of the Young Communist League, the hall carries CBC Banner League.

Yuri Gagarin is with parents and friends on the streets of


Yuri Gagarin's trip to Cuba - meeting at the airport, Yuri Gagarin with Fidel Castro and O. Dorticos.

Reel №3

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Newsreel 1961 - 67gg.

Finnish President U. Kekkonen interview with Yuri Gagarin.

Yuri Gagarin with his wife V. Gagarin meet Indian Prime Minister George

Nehru place in the garden, on Gagarin wear a flower garland.

Yuri Gagarin and President Nasser of Egypt at the stadium.

Yuri Gagarin with the Order of the Blue Nile necklace.

Walter Ulbricht congratulates Yuri Gagarin being awarded the Order of Karl Marx.

The Embassy of the DRV in Moscow Yuri Gagarin awarded the Order of Hero of Labor.

Gagarin libereyskoy award winning "Great Star of Africa."

In the city

Manchester Yuri Gagarin Medal awarded union casters.

Yuri Gagarin at a rally at the Danish shipbuilders, visiting Swedish firefighters.

Yuri Gagarin among Norwegian children.

Cosmonauts Yuri Gagarin, Pavel Popovich and Nikolayev in Suvoroskom School.

Yuri Gagarin in avtmobile rides through the streets of

London escort of motorcyclists.

Ceylon girls singing a song about Gagarin, dance, wear a garland of flowers to Gagarin.

Japanese choir singing sings about Gagarin.

Yuri Gagarin and Vladimir Gagarin standing on a stage, Yuri Gagarin holds a Japanese girl.

Yuri Gagarin in the Japanese national costume.

Yuri Gagarin in the bookstore, the

Vienna autographs, all for autographs.

Yuri Gagarin and E. Furtseva foreign actors in the group during the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival.

Yuri Gagarin meeting with writers.

A. Surkov, A. Twardowski welcome astronaut sitting L. Kassil, KI Chukovsky etc.

Yuri Gagarin at the meeting with the artists. A. Gagarin Yablochkina kisses.

M. Zharov congratulates astronaut.

Yuri Gagarin speaks during a news conference for Soviet and

foreign journalists (synchronously).

Yuri Gagarin stands (simultaneously) at the International Festival of Youth Students in Helsinki.

Yuri Gagarin with his family at home, in the park teaches daughter to ride a bike.

Yuri Gagarin and Valentina Tereshkova wedding Nikolaev congratulates newlyweds dancing with Valentina Tereshkova.

Yuri Gagarin house reads (synchronous) daughters of the book, visit the zoo with them.

Yuri Gagarin among the boys in the circle of young astronauts.


Photos Gagarin different years.

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