But they did not understand the words he said. (1989)

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The film tells about the creative life and death of the famous children's writer and poet Daniil Ivanovich Kharms (Yuvacheva).

Literati | History

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The actors are thrown out of the pits with shovels, wet clods of earth.

View of the KGB headquarters on Liteiny prospect in Leningrad.

The actors in the boat flying over the water (split-screen), one of them playing the role of D. Kharms, sitting in a cage.

The human figure on the background of the House on Foundry (combined shooting), behind the scenes is the story of literary critic M. B. Meylaha about the fate of the writer Daniil Kharms (synchronously).

The actor's face is inserted with "bulging" eyes.

People stand around the cage with the actor playing the role of Kharms, behind the scenes are the memories of contemporaries of D. harmse (synchronously).

The face of the conductor controlling the orchestra.

A young man casts a snow shovel.

The face of the conductor.

A man of small stature chopping ice.

The face of the conductor, men kolyat ice and throw snow.

Actors dancing around a scrap and a shovel.

One of the actors in a deep hole with a shovel.

Silhouette of a woman on horseback.

The actor throws out the earth from the bottom of a deep pit.

A woman in a long dress riding a horse through a veil of winter mist.

The telephone in the frame for pictures, the actor picks up the phone, talking.

Actor Bret another phone, talking.

A child's drawing harms.

A square of paper with written on it address harms.

The writing on the wall.

Paper strip with quotations from the works of Kharms lying on the stairs of the old house in Leningrad.

Actors climb the stairs, look out the window on the landing, disappear (split-screen).

The actors are floating in a boat in the air above one of the Leningrad yards and along the walls of the house (split-screen), portrait of D. Kharms, behind the scenes are memories of women of a farewell to harms in 1941 and his subsequent arrest (synchronously).

The actors dig a hole.

The actors in a boat floating over a pedestrian crossing (split-screen), behind the scenes is the text of the indictment in the case Kharms (synchronously).

Panorama of a brick wall, the gates of the prison.

The actor's face before the flame of the candle, the candle goes out.

Panorama wooden fence and building a psychiatric hospital, where on 2 February 1942 died D. harms, a pointer to the name of the street Khokhryakova corner of the building.

Panorama of the Church from the frame of the dome, the cross on the top of the frame.

Duck tries to escape from the cage, standing in the water.

View of sewage canal, lined with brick.

View of a brick wall of the Church (image in the negative).

Actors at the cross of the frame of the dome with a cross.

Spring landscape.