Science and technology 1958 № 3

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Director: T. Vuljfovich, N. Kurihin, Ya. Kuper, N. Chigorin, B. Dembickij

Operators: V. Kovzelj, I. Krilov, G. Chumakov, G. Pokrovskih, I. Kanaev, O. Lebedinskij


1. Atomic icebreaker "Lenin". Launching the world's first surface vessel with nuclear power installation. 2. The invention of the mechanic Kudryavtsev. A machine for cutting shaped tubes. 3. Telegram transfer machines. The launch of the automatic Telegraph lines, shorten the time of delivery of Telegraph messages. 4. Around the planet and satellite... About the launch of "Sputnik-2" November 3, 1957, his unit and the dog Laika.

Sea and river transport | Communications | Space | Science

Transportation | Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

"Nuclear icebreaker "Lenin".

Icebreaker on the slipways.

PNRM. on the icebreaker.

Model of an icebreaker on the table.

Helicopter on the deck of a model icebreaker.

The ship's cabin.

Sleeping places on the ship.

Launching of the icebreaker.

The icebreaker is floating in the ice.

"The invention of the locksmith Kudryavtsev".

Connecting nodes made of metal.

Oil refinery.

Cutting pipes with autogen.

A hand draws in a notebook.

Locksmith Kudryavtsev at his desk.

Automatic machine for shaped pipe cutting.

Cutting pipes with a machine tool.

Locksmith Kudryavtsev makes a connecting node.

The device of the automatic machine.

"The telegram is transmitted by automatic machines."

The man goes to the window of the post office.

Employees of the post office.

Telegrams on the conveyor.

The typist is typing.

Animation-the principle of transmission of telegrams.

Sorting telegrams.

The telegraph machine.

Receiving telegraph machine.

Transmitting telegraph apparatus.

Automatic telegraph line.

Hands paste the text on the telegram form.

"Around the planet and satellite...".

Newspapers on the table, headlines about the first Soviet satellite.

Chronicle: 03.11.1957. Launch of the second artificial satellite "Sputnik-2".


Spherical satellite container.

Satellite radio equipment on the table.

A device for studying the ultraviolet and X-ray radiation of the Sun.

Satellite program clock.

Hermetic Husky dog cabin.

Dog Laika.

PNRM. on Sputnik-2.

Key words

industry, innovation, invention, cutting gas, metal pipes, industrial automation, Telegraph communication, Telegraph, communications, space exploration,


sobaka Lajka - pervoe zhivoe suschestvo na kosmicheskoj orbite.




Baikonur cosmodrome, Kazakhstan



Science; Space; Sea and river transport
Transportation; Sectors of the economy