Science and technology 1963 № 19

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Director: K.Kogtev, G.Chubakov


1. Metallurgists - a new weapon-about creating an installation that allows you to create strong alloys. 2. Electrokimograph-about a device that allows you to more accurately establish a diagnosis. 3. Microbes... and film-about the biological process of film regeneration. 4. Revived Antiquity - about the restoration of the Rostov Kremlin destroyed by a tornado..

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1. Metallurgists - a new weapon.

Metallurgical plant.

Samples of various metal alloys.

The metal sample is ground to a mirror shine.


The metal is etched.

Metal structure under the microscope.

Mild steel.

Hardened steel under the microscope..

Professor G. Spivak with colleagues at the Department of Electronics of Moscow State University.

A device for detecting the microstructure of the structure of a substance by ion bombardment.

The sample is placed in a vacuum chamber.

Electric discharge in the chamber.

Ion bombardment scheme (animation).

2. Electrokimograph.

The man is given a chest X-ray.

An electrokimographic sensor is attached to the X-ray machine.

Chest of the patient on the screen of the X-ray machine.

The heart rate curve on the oscilloscope.

The recorder writes the instrument readings on the tape.

The scheme of operation of the cymograph during the examination of the lungs(animation).

3. Microbes and film.

Skiers jump from a ski jump.

Film in a bath of hydrochloric acid.

Diagram of the structure of the film.

A petri dish with micro-organisms growing in it.

Laboratory of the Institute of Microbiology.

Bacterial culture under the microscope.

Experiments on the biological restoration of film.


Boxes of film.

4. Revived antiquity.

Rostov Kremlin from the opposite shore of the lake.

The reflection of the church in the water.

Kremlin cathedrals.

Interiors of temples.


Portrait of Metropolitan Jonah of Rostov.

General plan of the Rostov Kremlin.

The Kremlin destroyed by a tornado.

Architect V. S. Banigi with colleagues at the walls of the destroyed Kremlin.

V. Banige studies the documents.

Restoration work.

A bricked-up window from the 17th century.

An old icon with the image of the Rostov Kremlin.

Restoration of the Kremlin.


Spivak G.V. -fizik, doktor fiziko-matematicheskih nauk, laureat premii im. M. V. Lomonosova.
Banigi V.S. -arhitektor-restavrator



Science; Physics; Medicine; Culture and Arts