Patterns on ice. (1985)

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Producer LSDF

Director: N. Sergeev

Script writers: I. Efremova

Operators: A. Burov

Composers: B. Grebenschikov


History of figure skating in Leningrad. Already 120 years ago, the skaters of the St. Petersburg clubs were famous in the world for their skill. Masters of bygone years and masters of the present. The strict Northern city has never changed its love for the fine art of sliding on ice.

Sport | Figure skating

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of the 20s of the 20th century: Four pairs of skaters - a guy and a girl - stand in a row on the ice, and slide their skates in place synchronously back and forth.

On the street, a girl in a gymnastic swimsuit jumps in the air, followed by boys and other girls.

Girls of primary school age in gymnastic swimsuits doing exercises on the street, standing in the grass.

The city of Leningrad from a bird's eye view.

Streets, squares, monuments.

A pair of skaters in yellow and black suits perform figures on the ice to music.

A coach rides nearby.

Several other skaters train on the ice.

Newsreel of the 30s: four girls in white outfits dancing on the ice.

Training of a modern couple under the guidance of a female coach.

Complex shapes with support.

Newsreel of the 30s - 40s:a Couple rides on a winter ice rink.

A girl in a white hat and a skirt below the knee.

The pair performs simple shapes.

Variably shots of modern training of figure skating athletes and b/W newsreel of the 30s-40s.

E. Valova, O. Vasiliev - world, European, and Olympic Champions. b/W children's photos of figure skaters.

Children on skates in front of a female coach who explains what to do.

Children ride in pairs on the ice.

Children roll on their haunches, someone falls, go, try to perform simple shapes.

Mom persuades the boy to go to school, he is naughty, crying.

School-age girls in sports swimsuits jump through the camera.

A girl in a pink dress about six years old in a dress skates - jumps, performs figures.

The camera whirls, showing children on ice skates.

Male trainer riding between the kids shows of the figure, explains how to comply with them.

The girl is sitting in the arms of an adult and crying.

A girl in a pink dress is skating, and a coach drives up to her.

A young figure skater works out complex figures on skates.

Newsreel:on the ice, a pair of skaters turns in a synchronized figure.

Students in pioneer ties go to class. 5 class of the Leningrad school.

Students stand at their desks - those who play hockey.

The boys sit at their desks.

Get up girls who are engaged in figure skating.

Figure skater Marina Lehmus (face of a young figure skater).

A boy in a white t-shirt on the street on a bench shakes the press.

Figure Skater Denis Kaluga.

A boy in a school uniform in the classroom gives an interview - answers questions into the microphone.

Sports complex "Jubilee" - a General view inside through the net.

Young skaters train on the ice.

The children work out the intricate figures on the ice.

Newsreel: several pairs of skaters are skating on the ice.

Synchronously skaters make a figure "swallow".

Spectators in winter clothes sit in an open stadium.

Four girls are rolling on the ice, holding hands, riding, frozen in the figure.

A girl in a black suit works out complex shapes on the ice.

The little girl jumps up and falls on the ice, gets up with a smile and rolls on.

The girl in black rides on ice, makes a difficult turn in the air, falls, gets up and rides.

The girl drives up to the coach, they discuss her skating and mistakes.

Julia Klebanova, 11 years old.

A girl in a bright yellow-green suit, wearing a hat with a large flower in her hand, dancing on the ice.

This is Oksana Kazakova, 9 years old, on ice - 5 years.

Oksana trains on the street - bounces with a turn.

Young pairs of skaters ride.

Students Vika Troitskaya and Artur Dmitriev.

Coach Lyudmila Pozdneeva.

Young skaters perform support.

In the gym training of boys and girls - working out figures.

The coach tells you what to do.

School class.

Teacher at the blackboard, students listen to the lesson.

A small TV monitor, a pair of skaters on the screen.

Key words

Leningrad school of figure skating History of figure skating, students, coach




Leningrad region



Sport; Figure skating; Sporting events; Education
Social life

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A couple of young skaters on the ice, doing support, rolling at high speed.

The operator takes pictures with a hand-held camera.

School building.

The girl answers the teacher's lesson in English.

Photo of a little girl on skates.

Seventh - grader Tanya Andreeva is a world Junior champion.

Tanya performs at the big ice stadium.

Newsreel of the 40s: a woman in warm clothes rides on open ice, the audience sits in winter clothes, snow sweeps.

Modern choreographic hall.

Larisa Selezneva and Oleg Makarov are silver medalists at the world and European Championships.

Coach Igor Moskvin.

On the ice, skaters train, drive up to the coach, talk to him.

Newsreel of the 50s: I. Moskvin sharpens skates.

On the ice with the students of Tamara Moskvina.

Newsreel 1969: performance at the European championship of bronze medalists T. Moskvina and A. Mishin.

The audience applauds.

Modern shots: coach T. Moskvina rides on the ice with his students - Elena Valova and Oleg Vasiliev, world, European and Olympic Champions.

Summer, against the background of greenery and the river, a woman trains children - middle school students in sports uniforms.

Together with the coach, girls and boys do aerobics.

Summer children's sports camp near Leningrad.

Nature from a bird's eye view.

A boy in a Russian folk costume dances on the ice to the song "Valenki".

Boy in the pool.

On the ice Alyosha Tarchinsky, 10 years old.

Children of different ages train on the street, practice support, jumps and figures.

On the ice, a girl in a hat (Olya Markova, 11 years old).

Outside, she pumps her abs.

Dancing on the ice, the girl portrays a spider.

Large sports field of the children's camp.

The boys are standing near the water.

Forest and river in summer from a bird's eye view.

River, ripples on the water.

Boys run along the platform along the water.

Children with a coach are standing near the water.

Boys dive into the water.

Newsreel: The Waterfront.

Flipping through a book with photos of skaters.

Bookmarks from the film.

Pictured is Nikolai Panin, the first Russian Olympic champion at the 1908 world Olympic games in London.

Modern shots - sitting at the stadium Raisa and Alexander Gandelsman, two-time national Champions in 1930.

Newsreel of the 30s:a pair of skaters on ice.

Newsreel 1946: Moscow.

Nikolai Panin, who survived the Leningrad blockade, opens a sports festival.

Photos From N. Panin's speeches.

At the festival, he sits at the jury table in a fur coat and hat, wipes his glasses, puts them on.

The modern workforce.

E. Valova and O. Vasiliev go to the ice for awards.

Leningrad - removed from the top point.

Skaters on the ice in costumes for the performance.

A girl and a boy about five years old on ice training.

Adult pair of figure skaters in competition.

The boy turns on the ice.

Once again, adults perform at the stadium.

A small boy goes to the edge of the ice, removes the covers from the blades of skates, steps on the ice, and an older boy helps him ride.

He goes on alone

Key words

Leningrad school of figure skating, History of figure skating, coach, skates, competitions, school, stadium




Leningrad region



Sport; Figure skating; Sporting events