When the "plate". (2002)

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: A.Sapronov

Script writers: A.Sapronov

Other authors: Yu. Klyuchnikov, V. Kolodeznij


The film tells about the disappointments of the first post-Soviet decade and modest but real hopes for the future of the Saratov aviation plant.

Aviation | Industry

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The sun shines through the clouds.

The aircraft in the form of a disc in the hangar of the Saratov aviation plant.

View of the entrance of the plant.

Children are on the street.

The Director of the plant A. Ermishin in his office takes the documents to the Secretary for signature.

Flies a Yak-42 aircraft, done at the factory.

Armisen talks about the virtues of the Yak-42 before foreign analogues (synchronously).

View of the bus stop, people on the streets of Saratov.

Workers face cafe Oksana, a graduate of the aviation College.

Oksana says not ready to return to his former profession, about the downsizing of the plant (synchronously).

Oksana behind the counter serving customers.

Former master-Modeler, owner of the furniture workshop at the plant V. Stolnikov tells about the problems of the plant, its futility (synchronously).

Product samples workshop Salnikova.

Schik A. Stepanov at work in the Studio.

Stepanov says about the reason for leaving the factory and moving in the furniture workshop (synchronously).

Turner is working on woodworking machines.

Stolnikov tells about unsuccessful attempts of recovery of production (synchronously).

"Hill" of balls on a pool table.

Empty pocket of a billiard table.

Armisen speaks to the lack of financing the plant during the last fifteen years (synchronously).

Panorama factory floor, aircraft in the shop.

Idle machinery.

Head of strategic planning Department Yuri Suburbs says about the prospects of aircraft production (synchronously).

Flying airplanes.

Suburbs sitting on a bench, talking to a journalist.

Armisen says the fault of the state in the collapse of plant, certification of plant (synchronously).

The layout of the training plane the YAK on the Desk of the plant Manager.

Training aircraft in one of the idle factory buildings.

Towing the YAK-42 aircraft on the airfield.

The Yak-42 sits on the runway.

Stolnikov tells about the outflow of qualified personnel from the factory and cannot be restored specialist staff (synchronously).

Panorama of the Assembly shop of the plant.

The master of the Assembly shop Kharitonov talks about wanting to stay and work in the factory, its working dynasty (synchronously).

Transportation of parts of the aircraft in the Assembly shop.

Customers visiting the exhibits of the air show.

The faces of the visitors and workers of the plant.

The plane takes off.

The sky in the clouds.




Saratov region



Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

View of the factory airfield.

Member of the Board of Directors A. Nikolnikov tells about the history of fundamental research in the field of aviation in Russia, about the prospects of the domestic aviation industry and the existence of the plant, the types of work performed at the plant (synchronously).

Factory workers in the workshops for maintenance of aircraft.

Boats made in a vacant factory shop, which leased Nikolnikov.

Workers during construction of small vessels.

Workers are interviewed (synchronously).

Nikolnikov tells about the ways of creation of the frames of the benefits of production boats and the revival of the plant (synchronously).

Buses go past the factory gates.

Plant Manager armisen tells about the feeling of flight.

Designer at work in creating computer models of the new plane.

Engineers talking about the job offers abroad and reasons for return to the factory (synchronously).

Workers play dominoes during the lunch break.

Workers Stepanov, Kharitonov talking about the prospects of a "flying saucer" (synchronous).

Armisen talks about working on the project "flying saucers", about the reasons for the development of the project (synchronously).

The plane on the runway on the banks of the Volga.

The Secretary answers the telephone.

"Flying saucer" in the hangar of the plant.

Parted hangar doors.

The sun shines through the clouds.




Saratov region