Volga lights 1985 № 11 Dialogue of the contemporary

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: M. Ivanova

Operators: L. Denisov

Text writers: N. Kagan

Recordist: V. Kolodeznij

Other authors: D. Popova


Issue devoted to the film Director-the documentary filmmaker D. A. Lunkova and academic-scout.GN N. Saltykova.

Directed by movie | Figures of science

Persons of arts | Biography | Culture and Arts | Movie | Science

Reel №1

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Documentary filmmaker D. A. Lunkov on set giving instructions to the operator.

Breeder N.N. Saltykov conducting laboratory research on the seeds.

Saltykov at work in the lab.

The film on the timeline.

Nothing said about the difficulties of working in documentary film in contrast to the games (synchronously).

Nothing works for sukamandang table.

Hope talks about the heroes of his film, which is in the process of installation, on the quest of the hero (synchronously).

Album of photographs and images from the film LUN'kova, portraits of the heroes of the movies.

Nothing mounts a part of his film, speaks about the work of the Director, documentary filmmaker with the film heroes (synchronously).

Hearing of this while working with the sound engineer.

Nothing compares documentary filmmaking to the art of the circus, tells about the reasons of this comparison (synchronously).

Saltykov dictates the number and names of the studied varieties of seeds to the lab to record in the laboratory log, the layout of seed numbers.

The view from the window of the laboratory.

Saltykov says about how they spend their free time (synchronously).

Experiments in the laboratory of the Saratov agricultural Institute, Saltykov directs the course of the experiment.

Saltykov says about the qualities that she values in their colleagues, especially on complex material conditions of scientists (synchronously).

Saltykov together with one of the employees sneaks through the snow in a field, blowing a Blizzard.

Sampling shoots from under the snow.

Saltykov and her colleagues bring to the laboratory the collected samples.

Saltykov talking about patience from the result in work (synchronously).

Saltykov goes on a snowy road.

Photos Saltykova in different years.

Saltykov is on the country bus stop.

Saltykov gets into the bus approached.

Saltykov talks about how she is the movie about himself (synchronously).

Hope gives his definition of documentary as the desire of the author to talk to people on the current topic (synchronously).

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Lunjkov Dmitrij Alekseevich -- screenwriter and documentary filmmaker
Saltikova Nina Nikolaevna -- scientist-breeder




Saratov region



Movie; Science; Agriculture
Culture and Arts; Sectors of the economy