Volga lights 1987 № 10 The story of a disaster and how to fix it.

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: I. Bessarabova

Operators: O. Shelyugin

Other authors: M. Goljceva, D. Popova


The issue is dedicated to the problems of repairing the Saratov Palace of pioneers after the fire.

Childhood and youth | Construction

Social life | Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

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Presentation of the crown to the winner of the school beauty contest in the Saratov Palace of pioneers.

Young artists are preparing for the performance.

Actor Oleg Tabakov talks about the beginning of his career on the stage of the Saratov Palace of pioneers, about his first teacher Natalia Sukhostav (synchronously).

Portrait of Tabakov in his youth.

Portrait Of N. I. Sukhostav.

Signboard of the Saratov city Palace of pioneers.

View of the building of the Palace of pioneers.

Photos of Tabakov during his work in the theater "Young guard".

Photos of actors who worked in the theater.

View of the Grand staircase.

Removing the padlock chain from the doors.

View of the theater hall after the fire In the Palace of pioneers.

Photos of special events and celebrations held in the hall Of the Palace of pioneers.

Panorama and views of the rear territory of the Palace of pioneers, snow-covered skeletons of buses.

V. L. Goretsky at the window of his apartment.

Goretsky tells about the circumstances of the fire in the Palace, about the carelessness of the leadership (synchronously).

Children go to classes in circles.

Members of the drama group put on costumes, getting ready for the rehearsal.

Lesson in the ballet club.

View of the scene affected by the fire.

Young artists rehearse a scene from the fairy tale "12 months".

Building and sign of the Repair and construction Department No. 1.

The head of RSU-1 V. I. Dmitriev sits down at the Desk in the office.

Dmitriev says that there are no official deadlines for the repair of the auditorium and forces to perform repairs (synchronously).

Young accordion players during the rehearsal.

Children's faces.

Cobwebs in the window opening.

View of the destroyed auditorium.

View of the building Of the O. Tabakov theater-Studio on Chaplygin street in Moscow.

Tabakov talks about his impressions of visiting the burned-out auditorium of the Saratov Palace of pioneers, about the need to restore it (synchronously).

Children in class in the ballet circle of the Palace of pioneers.

Director of the Palace I. E. Ivantsova speaks on the phone.

Ivantsova speaks about a large amount of time spent on preparing for repairs, providing building materials, and the lack of repair deadlines (synchronously).

Teenagers rehearse songs with a guitar on the landing of the Palace.

Rehearsal of the play in one of the rooms.

Ivantsova says about the letter of schoolchildren to the newspaper with a request to help in the restoration of the auditorium of the Palace (synchronously).

Newspaper publications about the problem of repairing the Palace.

Lesson in one of the circles, the faces of children.

Goretsky goes to the editorial office of the regional newspaper.

Goretsky talks about the reasons for his participation in solving the problem of repairs in the Palace (synchronously).

There will be scaffolding erected in the auditorium, a few workers on the scaffolding.

Children rehearse a scene from the play "12 months"in the classroom.

Dmitriev says that he did everything possible for the repair (synchronously).

Burnt metal chandelier under the ceiling of the auditorium.

Goretsky talks about setting a bad example for adults who do nothing to repair the auditorium (synchronously).

Scaffolding in the auditorium.

Children talk about the restoration of the auditorium, photos of new year's events.


Tabakov Oleg Pavlovich -- theater and film actor, Director, theater worker




Saratov region



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