Volga lights 1988 № 7 Water in the steppe

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Other authors: V. Voronov, A Sapronov, M. Malyutin, N. Zareckaya


The issue is dedicated to the problem of drinking water in the Kalmyk ASSR.

Health | Ecology

Social life | Geography and Nature

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Panorama of the Parking lot with a spring.

A trickle of water flows into the can.

The chief sanitary doctor of the Republic speaks about the geographical position of the Kalmyk ASSR, about the insufficient supply of drinking water to the population of the Republic (synchronously).

Men fill containers with water.

Spouting from the ground key in the steppe.

An excavator digs out the streambed.

Elimination of an accident on the route of the Central Chograi-Elista water pipeline.

Rotten steel pipes and valves plaque on the inside of the pipes.

View of the pipeline part.

Water in tanks in the kitchen of a catering company.

The chief sanitary doctor speaks about the high level of water mineralization in the territory of Kalmykia, exceeding the state standards by one and a half times, about the high incidence of various diseases due to water quality (synchronously).

Children in the school cafeteria.

A jet of water from the tap.

Handout in the cafe.

People at the cafe tables.

People on one of the streets of Elista.

View of the hospital building.

Doctors wash their hands before surgery.

Performing surgery to remove kidney stones, the surgeon's face.

The chief urologist of the Kalmyk ASSR says that the salt composition of water does not meet the requirements of GOST, the need to create a problem group to study drinking water, and the prospects for increasing patients with kidney stones (synchronously).

Stones extracted from the kidneys of patients.

Internal view of the pumping station.

Panorama of the station territory.

The head of the Department "Vodokanal" speaks about solving the water problem by building the Volga-Chograi canal, about the questionable quality of water in the canal (synchronously).

The chief sanitary doctor speaks about the promising supply of fresh underground water to Elista, the need to introduce new methods of desalination (synchronously).

View of the pipeline part.

Cooking in the kitchen of one of the cafes.

People at one of the intersections of Elista.

People at the juice counter in the cafeteria.

Price tag for juices, decanters of juices on the counter.

The saleswoman pours drinking water into a glass.

The Director of the cafe speaks about the high demand of the population for juices and water, about the shortage of them in the right amount, about the purchase of water in neighboring regions (synchronously).

Trade in juices and fruit waters.

The process of production of fruit waters and soft drinks at the Elista food processing plant.

Automatic filling lines are working.

The Director of the plant speaks about the conversion of lines for bottling alcoholic beverages to non-alcoholic products, using the experience of Kazan colleagues(synchronously).

Operation of the mineral water bottling line.

Production processes in the shop of soft drinks.

The people at the counter of the coffee shop.

People are walking down the street.

Work to eliminate an accident on one of the sections of the water pipeline.

A man drinks spring water from a roadside spring.

Part of a rusted water pipe.

A jet of water from the tap.

Panorama of the kitchen of one of the cafes.

People on the street.

Men draw water from a roadside spring.

Cars on the side of the road.

A trickle of water from a spring pipe.




Republic of Kalmykia



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