Volga lights 1982 № 1 Saratov aviation Institute

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: G. Matis

Operators: D. Ibragimov

Text writers: Yu. Shkoda

Other authors: E. Chinchikova


The issue is dedicated to the 50-year history and everyday life of the Saratov aviation plant.

Anniversaries | Aviation | Industry

Social life | Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

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Views of the center of Saratov.

Passengers get on the tram.

View of the building of the Saratov Central Department Store.

View of the entrance building of the Saratov aviation plant.

Photos of laying the foundations of the first two workshops of the Saratov combine plant.

Photos of the plant's builders and M. I. Kalinin during his visit to the construction site.

Panorama of the stand with photos of the plant construction in the factory Museum.

Photos of the first combines that came off the factory conveyor.

Photo of the rally on the occasion of the release of the first combine at the end of 1931.

Photos of workers of the plant "Sarabin".

Portrait of the first factory Stakhanovite blacksmith S. V. Kopov.

Photo of the combine in the field.

Photos of military operations of the fascist aviation in Spain.

Photos of the factory shop for the production of combat aircraft in 1938.

Text of the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on awarding the plant the order of Lenin in July 1942.

Photos of destroyed factory buildings during an air RAID on the night of June 23-24, 1943.

Photos of the restored factory on the stand of the factory Museum.

Newsreel: Assembly of combat aircraft in the workshops of the Saratov aircraft factory.

Installation of planes, engines and cabs.

Assembly of aircraft engines on the factory conveyor.

Painting the fuselage.

Director of the plant, major General Levin I. S. in his office.

Yak-3 fighters from the factory shop.

Fighters at the factory airfield.

Start the engine of a fighter.

The test pilot closes the cockpit light.

The airfield attendant gives the signal for take-off.

Takeoff of the fighter.

The YAK-3 in flight.

Photo of awarding the plant with the order of the red banner of Labor on July 2, 1945.

Banner of the State defense Committee in the factory Museum.

A memorial plaque in honor of workers who went to the front and died in battle, a monument on the territory of the plant.

Panorama of the memorial with the names of the victims.

The plane-a monument on a pedestal.

Of the case at the factory door.

Internal views of factory workshops, production processes.

Former Director of the plant N. S. Denisov among the veterans of the plant.

View of the meeting hall dedicated to the struggle for production efficiency and product quality.

A representative of the plant's management speaks from the podium.

Face of the plant Director A. I. Krivokhizhin.

Krivohizhin leads the meeting, view of the meeting room.

Interior view of the workshop with automatic equipment.

Portrait of the leading Turner M. F. Khramov.

Turner S. I. Sukhorukov at work at the machine.

Sukhorukov shares his experience with a young worker.

Production leaders A.V. Alekseev and P. S. Shevtsov at work.

The head of the youth team V. Kryukov and his comrades at work, the faces of the team members.

Finishing and installation of electronic equipment in the passenger cabin of the YAK-40 aircraft.

Assembled aircraft removed from the factory hangar in 1965.

YAK-40 in flight.

Interior view of one of the premises of the design office of the plant.

Design engineers at work.

Panorama of the Yak-42 aircraft Assembly shop.

Installation of flap.

Installation of electronic equipment in the aircraft cabin and in the pilot's cabin.

Aircraft Assembly processes in factory workshops.

YAK-42 takes off from the airfield.

The YAK-42 in flight.


Levin Izrailj Solomonovich -- organizer of the aviation industry




Saratov region

Construction; World War II; Air force; Air transport
Sectors of the economy; History; Army; Defense and internal security; Aviation; Transportation