Lower Povolzhie 1960 № 43

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: V. Tyuhmenev

Operators: K. Lavigin, L. Zheltuhin, V. Mitin, S. Avloshenko, B. Ciperman, D. Ivanov, Yu. Selivanov

Other authors: N. Surovcev


Issue devoted to various aspects of life Saratov, Stalingrad, Astrakhan and Tambov regions.

Russian cities and regions

Towns and countries | Geography and Nature

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The envoys of the heroic people.

The plane was taxiing to the building of the Stalingrad airport.

Cuban delegates walk down the ramp.

The leaders of the city and region welcomed the head of the delegation of the President of the National Bank of Cuba, Ernesto Che Guevara.

Departure of the Cuban delegation at the airport.

Members of the Cuban delegation during the city tours and visits to places of fights for Stalingrad.

Cuban delegates at Mamaev Kurgan during a moment of silence.

The Cuban delegation during the inspection of the construction of the Stalingrad hydroelectric station.

Delegates look at the Volga hydroelectric dam.

The car of the Cuban delegation passing through the streets of the city.

Meeting of Cuban children Volzhsky.

Delegates walk past the monument to VI Lenin.

For agriculture.

The Assembly of tractor trailers on Balashovskiy machine-building plant.

Members of Communist labor brigades under the leadership of N. Valdina for work on the Assembly of the chassis of trailers.

The removal of the next trailer on the site of the finished products.

Connecting the trailer to the tractor.

The body lift trailer with a pneumatic device in different directions.

Panorama of site of finished products standing with her trailers.

The district doctor.

The doctor from Tambov K. S. Savelyev ironed clothes iron.

Savelieva helps mother and niece face niece.

One of the patients Savelyeva during the reception.

Pennant is the best medical site, face Savelyeva.

Savelieva conducts medical examination of the patient.

Saveliev teaches classes circle nursing home.

Saveliev talks about the human heart, holding a fake heart, the faces of the members of the group.

Instead of the metal.

Plastic parts manufactured in the new plant of the Stalingrad repair-bearing plant.

Operation of the press, for manufacturing plastic parts.

Young pressovschitsa N. Tsvetkova at work.

Quality assurance of finished parts from plastic.

Working with machines during the production process.

Mail friendship.

View of the hall of the post office in Astrakhan.

Head of Department S. N. Garden talking with client, giving her the letter.

The mailbox on the door of the apartment of the Garden.

The garden gets the mail from the box.

Garden and his wife apart the letters from foreign countries, with residents of the Garden which is in correspondence.

Postcards sent to the garden of the foreign correspondents.

Garden writes answers to letters.

Meeting on the carpet.

View of the sports hall in Saratov during the competition on Greco-Roman wrestling for the prize of the sports society "Petrel".

Duel fighters in Bantamweight.

The judge announces the winner of the wrestler of the Byelorussian SSR Kochergina.

Feed the signal to start another fight by striking the Gong.

Scrum Gvantseladze and Petrukhina.

Judges observe the course of the fights.

The final match of Gvantseladze and saratovtsy Ermakova.

The faces of the fans.

Cheerleader sleeping in the radiator.

Fragments of the match.

The judge announces the winner of Gvantseladze, Ermakov congratulates the opponent.

Gvantseladze gets on the podium, he handed the Cup to the winner.

Rewarding the wrestlers who took second and third places.


Che Gevara Ernesto -- Latin American revolutionary and the Cuban statesman




Volgograd region
Saratov region
Tambov region
Astrakhan region



International cooperation; Political figures; Industry; Medicine; Communications; Sporting events
Space; Biography; Policy; Sectors of the economy; Science; Sport