Volga lights 1983 № 2

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: G. Matis

Operators: A. Sofjin, M. Goljcev

Text writers: O. Gladisheva

Other authors: N. Katkova


Issue tells a veterans work from Volgograd, Saratov precinct inspector and trainer on Sambo.

Russian cities and regions

Towns and countries | Geography and Nature

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Loading of scrap metal by means of electromagnetic valves.

Manufacturing process in steel plant in Volgograd metallurgical plant "Red October".

Steelmaker V. N. Kharchenkov at the furnace.

Kharchenkov with his disciples at work, the production process in the shop.

Kharchenkov that have fallen to the position of slinger, secures a block of concrete on the chain of a crane, directing its loading.

Face Kharchenkova.

The walls of the plant, which was destroyed during the battle of Stalingrad.

Photos Kharchenkova period of the great Patriotic war.

Photos Kharchenkova during meetings with veterans and children.

View of the open-hearth furnace.

Kharchenkov in the shop, production processes.

Kharchenkov goes to work at the plant.

Portrait Kharchenkova on the stand dedicated to the veterans of the plant.

The local police inspector.

Police inspector B. A. Bakhtin deals with various sports.

Bakhtin shoots in the dash.

The woman talks about the precinct inspector B. A. Bakhtin, his character and professionalism, thanked him for his help in solving domestic problems (synchronously).

Mean streets of the Volga district of Saratov.

Bakhtin during a crawl of parcels entrusted to him, talking to people.

The residents of the district with approval to speak about the activities of Bakhtin as a local policeman (synchronously).

Bakhtin conducts a conversation with the detained violators of public order, the face of the detainee.

A meeting of the Commission on Affairs of minors, the boy's face, Bakhtin at the Commission meeting.

The Committee members talk with the parents of the juvenile offender.

Bakhtin avoids the flat in the assigned area.

The interior of a communal apartment.

Searches by police in the presence of witnesses.

The detainee is removed and put in the car.

The face of the detainee during the interrogation.

View of the building of regional Department of militia.

Head of the Department Lieutenant-Colonel Maximov comments positively on Bakhtin (synchronously).

Bakhtin goes on the street.

Bakhtin at home and son playing chess.

Bakhtin bathed in the hole.

Bakhtin during a morning jog.

That he gave you.

Sambo during a workout at the gym.

Classes on strength training equipment.

Coach N. And.

Devan conducts training of Sambo wrestlers in Saratov scientific research Institute of the Southeast, shows how to carry out wrestling moves.

Dewan inspects ears of wheat the experimental greenhouse of the Institute.

Devan conducts research of crops, looking into the eyepiece of the microscope.

Dawan discussing with a colleague a scientific question, sports awards Davana.

The members of the Sambo section in the bus, during the trip on the next competitions.

Davan in the bus.

The views from the window of the bus.

View the wrestling Mat during a Sambo competition in Togliatti.

Fight Sambo wrestlers, Dawan watching one of the fights, give instructions.

The referee announces the winner.

Devan talks with the winner.

Davan walks in the Park with his wife and children.




Saratov region



Industry; Biography; Crime and Accidents; Sport
Sectors of the economy