Peaceful Winds over the Baltic Sea.. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Vermisheva E.

Operators: Grezin V., Istomin A., Nikonov V., Orlov U.

Text writers: Polyanovskiy E.


On the cooperation and unity of the Armed Forces of the Warsaw Treaty member states.

Fleet | Foreign policy | Military exercises and maneuvers

Army | Defense and internal security | Policy

Temporary description

Seascape. Types of Leningrad. Monument to Peter I, the Admiralty, the cruiser Aurora. Schlisselburg fortress in the Leningrad region. Military exercises of the Baltic Fleet ships and naval aviation. The sailors run the deck during the battle anxiety; boat at sea, seaplane B-12 sits in the sea and picks up the boat, people from the boat moving in the plane. Sailors tested on practical exercises. Polish sailors and their wives sit at tables in a cafe before going to sea. The singer performs a song in the cafe (synchronously). The rise of the flag on the submarine "Bielik" naval forces of the Polish People's Republic. G. Kul boat captain and sailors on the submarine. Monument to the heroes Westerplatte seamen who perished in the beginning of the Second World War. German cruiser Schleswig-Holstein in the port city of Gdansk, the officers on the submarine. Types g. Gdansk. The streets of the city, port, port cranes working. The ships anchored in the port of Tallinn. Types of Berlin. Citizens on the streets. President of the People's Chamber of Goettingen passes Stockholm Appeal Chairman of Peace Committee, Professor Dreyfalyu. Ship of the People's Navy Germanskoy Democratic Republic of the sea. The men washed the deck, eating, running on the deck during combat anxiety. The friendly meeting of German, Polish and Soviet sailors. Joint exercises of the fleets of the Warsaw Pact, involving surface ships, submarines, aircraft and Marines (black and white, kontratip). Command headquarters at the three cards. Ships at sea. The ship leaves from the water and moves along the ground. Joint military operations. Photos NATO ships. The film shows the World War II veterans Midshipman AE Sikorsky, defender Shlisselburgskaya Fortress AG Morozov, Hero of the Soviet Union, former commander of a torpedo boat captain, Lieutenant-BP Uschev. Interview with Professor Dreyfalem, commanders of the German ship K. Schafer, the Polish submarine G. Kul, the son of Rear-Admiral SN Abraham - cadet Nakhimov College (synchronously).

Reel №1

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In the summer of 1976 were held joint exercises friendly fleets of the Warsaw Pact, which was attended by surface ships, submarines, aircraft and Marines.

Baltic Sea coast, on the beach children playing, a fisherman mending net.

The ruins of fortifications on the shore, fragments of shells in the sand mine in the water.

Leningrad: a monument to Peter I, bridges; cruiser "Aurora", the radio room of the ship; along the waterfront are sailors.

The ruins of the fortress "Nut" (near Leningrad).

It should be a veteran of World War AG Morozov, who had fought in the fortress "Nut".

Seascape (Moonzunsky Archipelago), the lighthouse on the island.

Dago ladder lighthouse.

Field, the birds in the nest.

Bredis war veteran with his grandson lays flowers at the monument to the dead.


War veteran midshipman Sikorski on practical exercises with students, among teachers in the exam: student answers questions from the scheme.

Reel №2

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Alarm on Soviet ship; officers and sailors at the instruments; boats in the sea.

Hero of the Soviet Union VP Uschev, who commanded the war torpedo boats, the sea.

Uschev boat on a pedestal.

Seaplane sits on the sea, takes on board of the boat sailors.

Poland (Gdansk).

Sailors with close to cafes; give interviews.

The crew of the submarine "Belik" under the command of Kul going to sea; boat passes Westerplatte.

Photo: German cruiser.

Among the participants of the battle at Westerplatte - M. Gavlitsky.

Newsreel 1941-1945: Polish soldiers in the Baltic Sea, the soldiers set the Polish banner in the sea.

Reporting in Gdansk; work in the port of Gdansk.

USSR (Tallinn).

Ship at sea.

Grave of Hero of the Soviet Union, E. Nikonov, enrolled in the lists forever Baltic sailors.

Portrait of E. Nikonov.

East Germany (Berlin).

Report of the city.

In the Palace of the Republic, President of the People's Chamber Harold Göttingen transmits new Stockholm Appeal Chairman of the Peace Committee Professor Dreyfalyu.

Reel №3

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East Germany (Berlin).

Says Chairman of the Peace Committee Professor Dreyfal.

Sailors national anti-submarine ship of the Navy of the GDR are serving; commander says Klaus Schäfer.

USSR. Meeting at the Soviet port sailors GDR and Poland.

Staff meeting by scientists; Rear Admiral Abraham the card.

Abraham's family.

Photos of Abraham and his father.

Says the son of Rear Admiral Abraham - Nahimovets.

Go to sea ships three friendly fleets, sinking the submarine.

Go teachings (planted Troopers, explosions, aircraft in the air; the men at the guns and controls; torpedo into the sea, etc.).

NATO ships that came in the exercise area.

Photos of NATO ships.

Sea; on the beach near the water should a child.