The Step of the Free Mozambique.. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Egorov YU.

Script writers: Ignatev O., Egorov YU.

Operators: Lebedev O.


The film tells about the People Republic of Mozambique, about the Mozambique people's struggle against the colonial oppression, against racism and discrimination.

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Newsreel 1960-1970-ies; fighting patriots Mozambique Liberation Front against the Portuguese colonialists. Descends Portuguese flag, fly the flag of Mozambique (1975). Passes SM Machel, with the soldiers, welcomed people. The President of the Republic of Mozambique, S. Machel and members of the government taking a military parade to celebrate the 1st anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Mozambique. Stay in the USSR SM Machel on an official visit (1976), meeting with Leonid Brezhnev, Andrei Gromyko, NV Podgorny; visit SM Machel in Volgograd. Maputo city, public transport, shops, urban market, foreign ships in port; street wall newspaper. Preparation of the next issue of the bulletin at the office. Nationalized enterprises: a factory for processing nuts kazhu, coal mines, hydroelectric power. Mozambican peasants work the land. The National dances, masked peasants from the tribe of Macondo. The exhibition of works of folk art: paintings, masks, wood carvings. Graft population of vaccine. Work Soviet Physicians: Akimov, A. Kukin, K. Imamkuliev. Classes with children in school is a Bulgarian teacher L. Tsenkova. The President of the World Peace Council, Romesh Chandra gives SM Machel Gold Medal, named after F. Joliot Curie.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel of the anti-colonial war cars passing soldiers, helicopter lands; explosions, to bring the wounded; burning the village, weeping women and children.

The head of the Mozambique Liberation Front (FRELIMO) t.

Samora Machel with the rebels; FRELIMO soldiers pass.

June 25, 1975 Launching of the Portuguese flag, S. Machel and other Government of the Republic of Mozambique canoes on the podium, raising the flag of independent Mozambique.

The soldiers are carrying the banner of the People's Republic of Mozambique, raising the banner of the morning in one of the cities.

Landscape; flying birds, the village; zebra in a shroud; hippos in the river; Family of elephants trail passes; ocean surf; palms.

Fortress built by the colonialists, by the sea (15th century).

Monument to victims of terror in the village of Moed, the villagers at the monument; says (about the crime colonizers) Comrade Commissar.

Antonio, listen to the villagers.

Mass grave in the village Vireyama.

Military equipment colonizers in a landfill; warehouse coffins for Portuguese soldiers (thrown colonizers).

The celebration of the first anniversary of the independence of Mozambique, President Samora Machel and members of the government are taking hits FRELIMO army; are soldiers.

Samora Machel's visit to the USSR: talks in the Kremlin (present Leonid Brezhnev, Andrei Gromyko, NV Podgorny), S. Machel in Volgograd, visiting workers.

Reel №2

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Report on the capital of the People's Republic of Mozambique (Maputo); bazaar trade vegetables; women carry bags on their heads.

Shoppers in the popular store.

Port of Maputo, ships from different countries, including the Soviet Union; Soviet pilots Il'ichev E. and V. Tarasov with Mozambican counterpart; cranes at the port.

Soviet aircraft lands; crew commander greet occurring.

The people on the street reading a wall newspaper; employees of the Department of Information and Propaganda of the local committee preparing the next issue of the wall street newspaper.

Newsreel: Rhodesian soldiers in the woods; passes soldiers with machine guns along the barbed wire; Head of the Rhodesian regime Ian Smith sits in the car.

Empty port of Beira, who served before crossing point for cargo Rhodesian (FRELIMO closed the border for racist Rhodesia), are working in the port, said one of the dockers.

Factory building on processing of nuts, women sort nuts, packaged products factory workers; L. Dzhoyla - a member of the administrative commission factories and B. Agrite - activist FRELIMO in the shop.

Coal mine in Maotize, spilling coal miners.

Cabora Bassa power station.

Fishing cooperative on the beach, the fishermen are network; says the fisherman.

Fishermen stack network in the boat.

Construction of the dam Masandzhiru working machine (bulldozer), builders at work; says one of them - Simao Ferron.

The rally in the village Nyanzha among residents favor activist agitator friend Mounda; listening to the people.

Communal village: women carry on their heads straw, straw men laid on the roof; villagers working in the fields; crown palm bunches of bananas; cotton blend.

At the hut woman plucked grain, make pots out of clay.

Before the peasants are the dancers from the Makonde tribe (masked).

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Sculptors, woodcarvers from the Makonde tribe at work, wooden figurines.

Exhibition of Folk Art in Maputo (paintings, sculptures).

Newsreel: Dispersal of demonstrators (Rhodesia), lying dead on the pavement; are arrested.

Rhodesian soldiers in training; jump out of a plane paratroopers; soldiers on the tower and barbed wire.

Passing cars with soldiers; Ya pass Smith, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (USA).

Bear killed; helicopter rises; ditch with dead Mozambican peasants (victims of provocation Rhodesian racists).

FRELIMO medical team conducting vaccinations in the village.

In the metropolitan hospital Soviet doctors (PhD V. Akimov, Yu Alyatchev pediatrician, surgeon A. KUKIN, K. Imamkuli) at work.

Bulgarian educator L. Tsenkova is a lesson in school.

On the eve of the first anniversary of the independence of the President of the FRELIMO, the country's president Samora Machel delegation of the World Peace Council presents its highest award - Gold Medal F.ZH. Curie; says Chairman of the World Peace Council R. Chandra; S. Machel congratulate.

Destruction in the village of Mapai, which was raided racists; FRELIMO soldiers and locals tell foreign reporters about the raid.

Residents of the capital of Mozambique on anti-racism rally, wounded soldiers and residents; supports President S. Machel; Participants of the rally chanting.

Pass demonstrators with slogans; FRELIMO soldiers.