Astrakhan Chronicles.Return to the Temple. (1992)

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Producer Nizhne-Volzhskaya newsreel studio

Director: M. Ivanova

Operators: L. Denisov

Recordist: V. Kolodeznij

Other authors: O. Rzhanov


The film is dedicated to the problems of restoration of the religious buildings in the Astrakhan region and the transfer of their respective religious denominations.

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Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Types of Orthodox churches of Astrakhan, the crosses on the domes.

Photos of Orthodox churches demolished after the revolution.

People on the streets of Astrakhan.

The child sits in the stroller.

View of Astrakhan cargo port, with the port visible Orthodox Cathedral.

The employee of administration of the region on interaction with Church communities M. G. Valiev tells about the diversity of historical, religious and cultural heritage of the peoples who inhabited the region about the history of Astrakhan and the reasons for its multi-religious culture on the correctness of the policy of the regional administration concerning religion and restoration of churches of various denominations in Astrakhan, the Commonwealth of faiths as one of the factors stabilizing the socio-political situation and the establishment of foreign economic relations (synchronously).

People come out of the building of the regional administration.

View of the Volga.

Cars on the ferry.

The meeting with the head of administration of Krasny Yar V. F. Savkin.

The meeting discussed the issue of lawsuits regarding the eviction from the building of the mosque district "of Rybolovetskaya", the faces of the participants.

The types of the building of the former mosque.

The entrance to the building.

Valiyev spoke about the difficulties and obstacles in the return of temples and the revival of the religious rites of the former Communists, on the imperfection of the legislation (synchronously).

People on the street at the gate see the picture.

Painting of the demolished Orthodox Church in Krasnyy Yar.

Women stand the remains of an Orthodox Church.

Locals talk about the destruction of Orthodox Church and mosques during the Soviet era, I remember the family priest (synchronously).

Older women in temporary premises of the Orthodox Church rubbed the candlestick.

The interiors of the temporary Church, the icons on the walls.

Women talk about the destruction and burning of icons during the demolition of the temple, about the possible restoration of the temple in Krasnyy Yar. (synchronously).

Cleaning temporary Church.

View the "frozen" construction of the Orthodox Church.

Pupils of the younger group of kindergarten are on the street.

Types of buildings of Orthodox temples of Astrakhan, to be renovated and the transfer of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The types of the synagogue building.

The entrance to the synagogue, a sign with the schedule of services.

Churches of various religious denominations in Astrakhan, engaged in various institutions and organizations.




Astrakhan region



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Reel №2

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The arrival of the Bishop of Astrakhan and Enotaevsky Filaret in the administration of the Astrakhan region.

Meeting Archbishop Filaret and representatives of the administration on the transfer of the Orthodox Church from the assumption Cathedral of the Astrakhan Kremlin.

Filaret said about the deliberate complication of the problem of the disrespect the rule of law in terms of return assumption Cathedral of the Orthodox Church (synchronously).

The faces of the participants.

The meeting and Bishop Filaret out of the room after the meeting.

View of the Dormition Cathedral.

Father Filaret shows the great number of temples, returned to the Orthodox Church in recent years, the recovery, first of all, the human soul, about time, has left a mark of cruelty and violence on people's souls, about the relations with the administration about bringing people to the Church (synchronously).

Representatives of the Orthodox Church talking with administration officials during a break in the meeting.

View of one of the streets of Astrakhan, at the end of the street is visible the Church tower.

Children play football on the territory of the Astrakhan Kremlin.

Astrakhan mosque, handed over to the Muslims.

Astrakhan Imam Mukhtasib Nasimbek Hazrat says about the deplorable condition of the buildings is returned to the Islamic clergy on this matter with representatives of the administration, about the return of the building of the madrasah and Black mosques, the training of the clergy (synchronously).

The beginning of the namaz in a mosque.

View of the building of the city mental hospital, the former madrasah.

Prayers in the mosque.

The Imam during the prayer.

One of the representatives of Muslim communities headed by the Imam during the rites of burial of the dead.

The Imam speaks of the necessity of peaceful coexistence of different religious confessions (synchronously).

The girl at the walls of an Orthodox Church.

The building is one of the Orthodox cathedrals of Astrakhan.

The priest wears vestments before entering the temple.

The priest climbs the stairs of the Cathedral to standing on it, the ranks of the Cossacks, goes to the entrance of the Cathedral.

Believers on the stairs of the Cathedral.

Cossacks down the stairs of the building of the Cathedral.

Easter cakes and eggs on the table in the temple.

Bishop Filaret said about the peculiarities of the Orthodox Church, about its "krestonoscy", about the ability of the Russian people to be patient (synchronously).

Parishioners light candles in the assumption Cathedral of the Astrakhan Kremlin.

Candle before the crucifix.

Interior of the assumption Cathedral during the Easter service.




Astrakhan region



Religious Holidays
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