Short summer in Moksha. (1985)

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Director: D. Hohlov

Other authors: R. Koposov, N. Djyakov, B. Maksimov, V. Korablev


The film tells about the problems of land reclamation and irrigation of agricultural land in the Mordovian ASSR.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Agricultural machinery, covered with snow.

Spring flooding, snow melt, flowing streams of melt water.

Spring sowing on a collective farm in the Mordovian ASSR.

The wind kicks up dust during a drought.

The nurse measures the pressure of the Director of the sovkhoz Iskra, A. I. Poluevo face Poeluev.

Poeluev in field tests the germination.

Poeluev talks about the drought of 1972 (synchronously).

Cars on the road, they raised the dust.

A herd of cows grazing.

Sprinkler work on the farm fields.

Equipment for excavation and reclamation works.

Laying irrigation pipe, a welder at work.

Working sprinkler.

View of the lake.

Abandoned fields reclamation equipment.

Destroyed and abandoned irrigation facilities.

Overgrown irrigation canal.

The entrance to the building of the Mordovian Republican Association of land reclamation, a sign at the entrance.

Duty and dispatch Department answering calls.

Laying irrigation pipe.

Types of one of settlements of land reclamation.

Are the pupils of the local school.

The head of the Association S. S. Averkin behind a Desk.

The barometer on the table.

Averkin talks about difficult climatic conditions, available technology enterprises (synchronously).

Equipment for reclamation and construction work.

Averkin on the construction of a pipeline to inspect the quality of pipe connection.

Averkin talks to the foreman, and criticizing his work.

Persons guilty of workers.

The bulldozer leveled the ground.

View of the installed irrigation system.

Vehicles of members of the state Commission arriving for system acceptance.

The faces of the members of the Commission.

The Committee members argue among themselves, a worker opens the valve.

Rural landscape.

Averkin shakes hands with the head of the enterprise.

Harvesting at the farm "Iskra", the state farm Director Poeluev in the field.

Working irrigation system.

View of the field with a working irrigation system.

Combine the helm.

Harvesting forage grasses.

Poeluev said about methods of leadership and working with staff, the involvement of young people (synchronously).

Manager reclamation plant farm at work.

The foreman carried out the repair and maintenance of irrigation equipment.

Sprinkler irrigates a field.

Poeluev displays achievements of the farm, faces of the guests.

The car rides on a country road, a panorama of the field.

Arrival Poeluev in the Association for land reclamation.

Poeluev climbs the stairs, goes through the corridors.

Poeluev is considering plans for a new irrigation system.




Republic of Mordovia



Sectors of the economy

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Masters are going to establish the irrigation system.

Breakages and leakages in the system.

Ripe wheat ears.

The harvesting combines.

View of the field.

Details dismantled and abandoned irrigation installation.

Machinery in earthworks.

The main improver of the Ministry of agriculture of the Mordovian ASSR says custom installation of drainage systems in different farms (synchronously).

The construction of a new irrigation system.

Rural landscapes.

Running the sprinkler.

View of part of an irrigation water main and pumping station.

Fertilize the fields with the help of special equipment.

View of birch forest.

Kinds pumping stations and electrical substations.

Staff minvodkhoza Republic taking applications on the phone.

Type of irrigation system "Fregat".

The repair team of the Ministry sent to the place of breakdown of the irrigation system.

The faces of the masters of the repair crews.

The excavator works.

Section chief Groshev P. N. talks about the difficulties of work, a large number of applications in the summer, about the deterioration of equipment (synchronously).

Pipe replacement irrigation water supply.

A tractor with a bucket going through the field.

Tractor on-site Chamzinsky mekhkolonna.

Transportation of pipes to construction.

Trencher on the construction of another irrigation pipe.

Averkin during a detour of building objects.

View of the broken irrigation system.

Averkin tells about the facts of mismanagement and irresponsible attitude of heads of rural households maintenance of irrigation systems (synchronously).

The wreckage of the irrigation installation.

Drove truck with pipes in the back.

Home improver minvodkhoza MASSR tells about the difficulties of working with partners due to the fragmentation of government (synchronously).

Digging trenches for plumbing with the help of special equipment.

Headlines of newspaper articles about the problems of reclamation of black earth.

Puddles from the rain.

Plowed field in the rain.

Types of snow-covered fields.

The entrance is on the Board of the sovkhoz "Iskra".

Director of state farm Poeluev the head of the Association of land reclamation Averkin talking about the importance of the creation of the State agricultural Committee to improve the work of collective and state farms (synchronously).

Winter rural and urban landscapes.

Winter activities on snow retention.

The construction of irrigation water supply in winter conditions, working person.

View of the dam irrigation canal.

Working sprinkler.

Averkin and Poeluev on the construction of regular irrigation water.

Poeluev field inspecting ears of ripening harvest.

Rural landscape (panorama).




Republic of Mordovia



Construction; Automobile transport
Sectors of the economy; Transportation