The city is your big house. (1963)

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Producer Kazan newsreel studio

Director: N. Valitov

Script writers: I. Sakaeva

Operators: N. Valitov, V. Sevastjyanov

Text writers: V. Gudkova, E. Laricheva


The film is about the necessity to observe cleanliness and order in urban environments.

Russian cities and regions

Reel №1

Types of streets and squares of Kazan, the motor transport on the streets, a statue of Lenin in front of the city Council.

The flowers in the flower bed.

People on the street, the man throws the ice cream wrapper in the trash.

Teens on the go throw the wrapper on the ice cream on the sidewalk.

The young man throws the wrapper on the lawn behind the fence.

People walking down the street.

Girl with ice cream walks along the fence.

View of the littered beach on the banks of the river Kazanka.

The face of the saleswoman of ice-cream.

People throw ice cream wrappers on the ground.

An ice-cream vendor collects garbage and throws it in the trash with the box.

Girls eating ice cream, throwing wrappers on the road.

People crossing the lawns on well-trodden paths.

Woman watering lawn with a hose.

Tracks, trampled on the lawn.

A sign saying "Course not!".

A woman crossing the lawn at the trodden path.

A wooden fence of one of the lawns.

Old advertising posters and billboards with lost fragments on fences and walls of houses.

Barber shop sign that says "Barber for all".

The poster about the insurance on the wall.

View of one of the Kazan streets, part of an advertising poster of "Aeroflot" on the wall of one of the houses.

A poster on the delivery of recyclables.

The leaflet called to make the city clean, baby and raised from the ground.

Debris on the track at the houses on the street Furmanova.

The garbage in one of the pavilions at the tram stop.

View of the pavilion.

Trash, dilapidated buildings, decaying containers in the yard of a grocery store in the street Lobachevsky, a sign of the grocery store.

Panorama and types of cluttered courtyard deli.

Man watering flowers on the balcony, on the balcony of the floor above dried bedding.

The clothes hanging on the balconies of houses in different parts of the city.

The types of the Kazan Kremlin.

Bed, lying on the walls of the Kremlin, littered with trash part of the territory of the Kremlin.

View of road bridge, lights with missing bulbs.

A broken bench in one of city parks, garbage on lawns, words carved on the list of benches.

Failure in the concrete fence on the embankment of the bent iron plate.

View of one of the intersections.

Entangled the exposed wiring on the wall of one of the houses.

A plaque in honor of playwright K. Tinchurin and revolutionary N. Bauman on the walls, requiring repair.

The text of the document about the renovation of the building.

The view of the building.

The types of the Kazan Kremlin.

Panorama of the new urban quarter (above).

Flower beds on the square in front of city Council.

Types of streets of Kazan.




The Republic of Tatarstan



Traction; Social life