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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Koloshin A.

Script writers: Koloshin A., Lomeyko V.

Operators: Koloshin A., Mikosha V.


About the present Western Germany, about Germans attitude to their past and the Soviet Union.

History of foreign countries | Foreign policy | Countries of the world

History | Policy | Towns and countries | Geography and Nature

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Large - beer is poured into glasses.

Germany, the city of Ruhr, beer hall - visitors drink beer, chat, play cards.

The owner of the Heinz pub serves visitors.

Heinz comes to an amateur performance rehearsal.

An orchestra is playing in the hall, the choir is singing a Russian song in German.

High-speed highways in Germany - cars and trucks are driving.

Large - the driver is driving in the cab of the car.

Expressway - removed from the cab, from traffic.

The signs on the road are "Bonn".

Bonn, the market in front of the old town hall - people are walking, selling beer, there are stalls with fruit, an organ grinder is playing.

Different types of the city - new buildings, old architecture, streets.

Large - the coat of arms of Germany with an eagle.

Parliament meeting in Bonn.

A barge, a passenger pleasure boat, is sailing along the Rhine River.

View of Drachenfels mountain.

The city of Rendorf, the house where Chancellor Konrad Adenauer lived.

Chronicle of 1950-1960 with Adenauer.

Bonn, the streets of the city.

University of Bonn.

Residents of Bonn in a clearing in front of the University came out to meet L. I. Brezhnev, who came to the country on an official visit.

People with banners, flags.

Brezhnev steps off the plane.

The Bonn airport building, German flags and flags of the USSR are flying.

Brezhnev welcomes the leadership of Germany.

Chronicle 1969 - German film archives, Bundestag elections, a clip of German singer Margit about the elections, various voting plans, election campaigning, etc.

Footage from the Bundestag meeting, where Social Democrat Willy Brandt gets the post of chancellor.

Chronicle of 1970 - the German government delegation on Red Square in Moscow.

Brezhnev L. I. and Kosygin A. N. meet the delegation of Germany led by Brandt in the Kremlin.

Signing the contract.

The Kremlin.

Laying a wreath at the Eternal Flame.

Protest demonstrations in Germany.

Protests among German nationalists.

Photos from the meeting of Brezhnev and Brandt in the Crimea in 1971.

This is Willy Brandt speaking.


Adenauer K. - nemeckij kancler 1949-1963 gg
Brezhnev L. I. - sovetskij politicheskij deyatelj, Generaljnij sekretarj CK KPSS
Brandt V. - kancler FRG 1969-1974 gg
Kosigin A. N. - sovetskij politicheskij deyatelj, Predsedatelj Soveta ministrov SSSR


1950-1960 1969 1970


FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)

Policy; Political figures

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photos of Brezhnev and Brandt.

Says V. Brandt.

Chronicle of the 1970s - a meeting in Parliament, a vote on Brandt's resignation.

Geography lesson at a German school.

Removed from traffic - industrial enterprises, factories.


The city of Cologne.

Cologne Cathedral.

Demonstration on the streets of the city.

Chronicle - 1970s - demonstration of the unemployed.

Ruhr - industrial enterprises.

Workers in the workshops.

The family of a factory worker.

A man talks about his life, about problems, etc.

The canteen at the enterprise.

The worker talks about the rent.

Workers leave the territory of the enterprise.

Performance of street musicians.

Evening Cologne, river view.

Says a musician, a former violinist of the Cologne Symphony Orchestra.

Views of Cologne.

A violinist is playing outside.

A city holiday, a parade in the city, an orchestra is playing.

Shots with German newspapers.

Types of industrial enterprises, factories.

Say the trade union members.

People at the demonstration with slogans, banners.

Congress of German Trade Unions.

The speaker is speaking.

There are people with banners in the hall.

The strike.


Brand V. - federaljnij kancler FRG 1969-1974
Brezhnev L. I. - sovetskij politicheskij deyatelj, Generaljnij sekretarj CK KPSS




FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)

Professional associations (unions); Industry; Demonstrations
Professions; Social life; Sectors of the economy; Society, social activities and community organizations

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Germany, people on the streets.

The family of a machine-building factory worker - a worker with his wife in the living room, talks about cooperation with the USSR. Design bureau - employees behind the coulmans, working with drawings.

Railway freight cars.

This is Binbaum, Chairman of the Board of the Salzgitter Concern.

The territory of the plant, the production process.

Airport project.

Factory, cranes are working, etc.

This is Binbaum speaking.

Engineers make a mock-up of the plant.

Says the civil engineer.

Workers in the factory shop.

Says Nagel, a member of the production council.

May Day rally in the Ruhr - an orchestra is playing, people are sitting on chairs, red banners and slogans are visible.

View of the square with people, the podium.

Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt speaks.

The orchestra is playing.

German autobahn.

Stills from the film, horsemen on horseback galloping.

At the table at the rally, young people introduce themselves, talk about themselves.

A German band is singing on stage.

The Congress of the German Communist Party in Mannheim - people stand up in the hall, sing the international.

People applaud, a speaker speaks from the podium, a panorama of the people in the hall and on the stage.

High-speed highways in Germany, trucks are driving.

Bavaria, a high-speed highway, mountains are visible in the background.

Various countryside landscapes of Bavaria.

The city of Landsberg an der Lech.

People are coming out of the church.

German houses, drawings on the facade.

Bavarian beer hall.

A Bavarian in national headdresses on the street.

Fragment of a German newspaper.

The politician Franz Josef Strauss speaks from the podium, people applaud in the hall.

Munich, statue of Bavaria.

Different views of the city of Munich.

An accident, a car is burning on the streets, firefighters arrive, extinguish the fire.


Shmidt G. - federaljnij kancler FRG 1974-1982 gg.
Shtraus F.-J. - nemeckij politik


FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)



Holidays; Social life; Life and leisure

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The streets of Munich, people on bicycles.

Chronicle 1900-1910 - people on bicycles.

Evening city, traffic.

The tram depot is a memorial wall.

Horse carts are carrying barrels of beer.

Oktoberfest holiday - an orchestra is playing, beer is poured into mugs, people are sitting at tables, drinking beer, singing, having fun.

BMW factory - workers enter the factory territory.

The workshop of the plant - the work on the assembly of cars is underway.

BMW cars are parked at the factory.

Munich, city streets, Arc de Triomphe.

Beer crates and barrels are unloaded from the car.

The building of the pub.

Stand - photos of Lenin, Krupskaya, inscriptions in German.

The streets of Munich.

Chronicle of the 1960s - the opening of the memorial plaque of V. I. Lenin on the house.

Articles from German newspapers.

Young people are standing with a fragment of a memorial plaque.

Chronicle of the 1960s - a broken plaque.

Streets of the city.

Advertising a book about Hitler.

The cover of the record with the works of G. Heine.

Says actor Lutz Gorner.

Poster with Charles I the Great.

Van Eyck painting.

The actor Lutz Gorner reads.

Chronicle of the 1933-1943's - fascists throw books into bonfires, Hitler's speech, the Reichstag is burning, German soldiers are walking through a burned village, NSDAP congresses, people greet fascists, concentration camps, mass killings, the leadership of the NSDAP, etc.

A book about Hitler.


1900-1910 1960 1933-1943


FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)

Life and leisure; World War II
Social life; History

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Photos from Stern magazine with neo-Nazis.

Demonstration in Hamburg - police disperse demonstrators.

The meeting of the nationalist party, the boys beat the drums, the publisher of the nationalist publication speaks from the podium.

Military exercises of neo-Nazis.

Cologne, a rally of former resistance fighters and prisoners of Nazism.

It's raining, German expressway.

Night, German expressway.

The Mercedes emblem glows on the building.

Fragments from the animated film "Black-white-red".

Says the author of the film.

Shots with German newspapers.

German singers are singing, people are sitting at tables in the hall.

Concert, Russian folk dances on stage.

There is a ballet on the stage.

The audience applauds in the hall.

On stage - Maya Plisetskaya with flowers.

Book exhibition, USSR stand.

A pavilion dedicated to space - visitors view parts of a rocket, a space suit, etc.


Pliseckaya M. M. - balerina


FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)



Social life; Life and leisure; Policy

Reel №6

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The audience in the hall applauds, singers sing on stage.

Bonn airport, the flags of Germany and the USSR are flying.

The delegation of the USSR (bRezhnev L. I., Gromyko A. A., etc.) arrived on an official visit to Germany.

Representatives of the German government meet the delegation.

There are demonstrators on the streets of Bonn, with slogans and banners.

People with flags along the road greet the government motorcade.

Brezhnev at the signing of an agreement with Federal Chancellor Helmut Heinrich Schmidt.

Personnel with industrial plants, enterprises.

Photo from the newspaper - Brezhnev together with the politician Strauss.

Says Strauss.

Footage from the meeting between Brezhnev and Strauss.

Footage from the congress of the Christian Socialist Union Party.

Strauss performs.

Chronicle 1941-1943 - the village is burning.

Musicians play and sing on the stage.

The audience in the hall is listening.

Countryside landscapes (removed from traffic).


A military band is marching on the parade.

A modern army is a helicopter, soldiers are running, a tank is going.

The black-and-white shots are modern - the military is taking a parade, soldiers are marching.

Fragments from German newspapers, with cartoons.

Countryside landscapes (removed from traffic).


Russian language lessons at a German school.

Says the director of the gymnasium.

Demonstration, rally, Federal Chancellor Helmut Schmidt speaks on the podium.



Brezhnev L. I. - sovetskij politicheskij deyatelj, Generaljnij sekretarj CK KPSS
Gromiko A. A. - sovetskij politicheskij deyatelj, ministr inostrannih del SSSR
Shmidt G. G. - federaljnij kancler FRG 1974-1982
Shtraus F.-J. - nemeckij politik




FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)

Demonstrations; Political figures; Education
Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life; Biography; Policy