We and the Sun. (1966)

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Director: Boris Lyahovskij

Script writers: Boris Agapov

Operators: O. Fedotov, I Bessarabov, Yu. Mongoljskij, A. Kaloshin, Yu Razumnov, G. holjnij

Composers: A. Muravlev

Anouncers: L. Hmara

Recordist: M. Gofshtejn

Painter: O. Antipov

Other authors: G. Kemarskaya, V. Millioti, E. Grishko, G. Korobova


The film tells about the formation of the views of people in the universe examples of great scientists from different eras, the study of the nature of the sun, the effect of flares on the sun on life on Earth.

Science | Space | Figures of science | Physics


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The logo of the International year of the quiet sun.

Kind of the mirror of the telescope.

View of the add-on a research vessel going through the ice.

The captain on the bridge engine Telegraph.

The Arctic landscape.

The launch of the balloon with the weather station.

Aeronaut in the balloon basket.

View of an active volcano.

A geyser from the ground.

The bow of the icebreaker breaks the ice.

View of the bow of the icebreaker "Ob".

Researcher meteorologist surveys.

The Arctic landscape.

The pyramids of Egypt.

The sun over the desert, desolate landscapes.

Ancient Egyptian images of gods carved on the stone.

The head of the statue of the Sphinx.

Growing in the desert cactus.

Mexican landscapes.

Temples of the Aztec civilization, tourists climb to the top of the temple.

Tourists taking pictures at the Aztec pyramid.

The views and the panorama of Stonehenge in southern England.

Christian Church built in the Gothic style.

Colored stained glass window depicting Christ on the window of the temple.

Interior views of the Catholic Church.

Engravings of land lying on the three pillars, and the universe.

Painting of Copernicus, conducting studies of the starry sky.

The interior of the room of Copernicus.

Pages of the manuscript of Copernicus.

A Monument To Copernicus.

View of the building of the Italian national Museum for the history of science.

A sign with the name of the Museum.

Devices and drawings of Galileo in the Museum.

A Portrait Of Galileo.

Telescopes created by Galileo.

Drawings Of Galileo.

Engraving of Galileo before the court of Inquisition.

The gate of the Palace of the Inquisition.

Steps of a spiral staircase leading down.

View of the basement for interrogation.

Bust Of Galileo.

The pages of the book Galileo's "Dialogue".

Preparing to torture (game shooting).

Instruments of torture used by the Inquisition.

The types of the Church in Rome, where Galileo said the renunciation of their views.

Interior views of the Church, a wooden crucifix on the wall.

Bust Of Galileo.

The building of the British Royal society.

A Monument To Newton.





Towns and countries; Arctic and Antarctic; Geography and Nature

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The interiors workshop of Newton for the grinding of mirrors, prisms and other optical glasses.

Drawing the refraction of light made by Newton.

Drawings of optical devices.

The pages of the book Newton's theory of celestial mechanics.

Mechanical clockwork layout of the solar system.

The work of the movement, swinging pendulum.

Details of the movement.

The clock tower big Ben in London.

Fire truck going on a call.

A traffic COP blows a whistle.

Cars stop and give way to the fire truck.

Fire trucks driving on the Avenue.

Scientists investigate the laws of the solar system, take readings of devices.

View of a portion of the Simferopol youth Observatory.

Boys and girls grind glass for their telescopes.

Young people look through the telescope.

Splitting the sun's white beam into its component colors with a prism.

Young scientists consider the solar spectrum.

Musicians playing bass, French horn, trumpet, symbolizing the shades of sunlight.

Treatment of the solar beam at the Observatory.

The view of the sun in the rays of the scorching of calcium.

The form of the sun the rays of one of the lines of hydrogen.

Of young astronomers.

Antenna catching the radio waves coming from the sun, signs of the signals on the tape recorder.

The installation of an artificial solar Eclipse inside the telescope.

The face and eyes of the young astronomer, the prominences on the sun.

The movement of the protuberances along the lines of the magnetic field of the sun.

The sun's reflection in the water.

Floating shark.

The Arctic landscape.

The seal slips into the water, swims.

A Seagull flies over the water.

Sun glare on the water.

The blossoming flowers.

Flowering cactus.

Birds and insects centuries for trees.

Clouds in the sky, the panorama of the forest.

The sunlight streaming between the trunks of the trees.

Sun glare on the water surface.





Geography and Nature; Flora and fauna

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Young astronomers in the Observatory look in the telescope.

Satellite antenna of the Observatory.

Astronomers observe a solar Eclipse through portable telescopes.

The progress of a solar Eclipse.

Scholars in the field examine a solar Eclipse with special equipment, the sun disappears.

Hidden disk of the sun, scientists are discussing the readings.

Schematic representation of the spectrum of the solar corona (animation).

Physicists in the laboratory to create an artificial solar substance.

View of the laboratory, laboratory equipment.

The process of studying plasma in the lab.

Lab equipment for the experiment.

The inclusion of the tumblers.

The arrows on the dials.

Eye research scientist.

The laboratory staff at work to create a plasma.

View of the lab.

Panorama lab equipment.

A scientist examines images from the screen of the oscilloscope.

The author of the scenario Boris Agapov said about the prospects of controlled thermonuclear reaction, the desire of mankind to conquer the plasma, the plasma manifestations in the world around us (synchronously).

The flames of the fire.

Newsreel: one of the first trains departs.

Firemen throw wood into the furnace of the ship.

Wheel sailing ship.

The locomotive and carriages moving through boulder.

The first cars on the streets.

Fly jet fighters.

Gazobetona advertisement on night city streets.

Agapov says about water, as an inexhaustible source of energy, the transformation of water into energy through controlled thermonuclear reaction (synchronously).

The types of the seabed.

Marine Arctic landscapes, the sun is above the horizon.

Agapov says about the properties of plasma (synchronously).

Open dome observatories for the study of sunspots.

The astronomer at the telescope.

View the sun through a telescope, visible magnetic island.

Scientist examines a photographic plate with image of sunspots.





Transportation; Sea and river transport; Automobile transport; Trains
Sectors of the economy

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The astronomer at the telescope.

Flash in the sun.

The recorder captures data about the outbreak.

The face of the scientist.

Scientists are studying the data recorder.

The mast of the ship.

Arrow turns the ship's compass during magnetic storms.

The radio operator tries to repair the radio.

The signal pistol from the ship.

Director of the Crimean Observatory of A. B. Severny says about the nature of magnetic storms, the study of solar flares to increase the safety of space flights, the modelling of groups of sunspots and magnetic environment in the sun (synchronously).

Reproduction of magnetic flares in the room to scale.

The magnetic field lines, which became visible with iron filings.

North tells about the fluctuations of the magnetic field are in the group of sunspots, of the likelihood of large outbreaks (synchronously).

The definition of the differential magnetic field in ambient conditions, with measurements, indicating the possible outbreak.

Diagram of Earth's magnetic field.

Diagram of the influence of solar wind on Earth's magnetic field, the magnetic shield of the Earth (animation).

The Aurora in the infrared.

A study of lightning in the laboratory.

Lightning splits a tree.

Insulators and masts high-voltage power lines.

Grounding metal rods to find underground electric currents.

Installation of special measuring devices.

Fixing the results of phenomena in the outer layers of the atmosphere using the devices.

Doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences V. A. Troitskaya talks about working on the learning curve of the earth currents, obtaining information about outer space, about the decryption of data received from the recording equipment, the receipt of information necessary to fly in space (synchronously).

The rocks of the rough stones.

The seascape.

Spinning propeller aircraft.

Clouds under the wing of the aircraft.

Scheme of the formation of the difference of potentials in space, participation in this process x-ray and ultraviolet radiation, radio waves (animation).

Devices for detecting passage of particles.





Geography and Nature

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The control and measuring equipment laboratory.

Operation of the equipment, scales of devices.

The face of the scientist.

The cell exposed to solar radiation in the eyepiece of the microscope.

Portrait of Professor A. L. Chizhevsky.

The interior of the Cabinet Chizhevsky.

Photo of K. E. Tsiolkovsky with a dedication to Chizhevsky.

Publication of scientific works of Chizhevsky.

Japanese researchers in the laboratory examine the effect of solar radiation on the reaction in the serum.

Hematologist N. And.

Schulz says about the effect of processes occurring on the sun, change in human blood (synchronously).

A historic building in Florence.


Picardie talking about chemical reactions and electromagnetic perturbations in space (synchronously).

Head of the forensic medicine Department of Tomsk medical Institute V. P. Desyatov said about the influence of solar explosions on the death of the people suffering from hypertension, about the dangers of explosions on the sun for worn organisms (synchronously).

Photographs of road accidents.

Colonel L. A. Kuznetsov speaks about the impact of solar flares on the increase in the number of road accidents (synchronously).

Open the doors of the dome of the Observatory.

View of part of the territory of the Observatory.

View of one of the telescopes.

The astronomer goes to the telescope.

Open telescope mirror.

The scientist presses a button on the remote.

Astronomer looking through a telescope eyepiece.

Spiral galaxy in the constellation Virgo with the accumulation of opaque cosmic dust.

Photos of space nebulae and other phenomena.


The telescope in the Observatory.

View of the dome of the Observatory.

Sunrise in the mountains.

Telescopes turn to the sun.

Women astronomers at the eyepiece of the telescope.

The boy let "Sunny Bunny".





Geography and Nature; Chemistry; Medicine