At Construction Sites Of the XI Five-Year Period.. (1983)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Ramazina L.

Script writers: Livshin A.

Operators: Zababurin V., Parfenov D.


The film gives a generalized picture of gradual fulfilment of tasks of the xi Five-Year Plan.

Sectors of the economy | Construction

Temporary description

Karelia. Construction of the 2nd stage Kostomuksha mining and processing enterprise. Work on construction, factory shops Finnish workers. Kostomuksha. Sport in the gym of the Soviet and Finnish workers. Youth Disco at the Palace of Culture Works. Start the 3rd reactor at the Kursk nuclear power plant. Says director of the Kursk nuclear V. Gorevyhin. Kurchatov. Children of employees of the Kursk nuclear power plant in kindergarten. Orel region. Territory, housing, shops poultry "Nareshkinskaya. Chickens, chickens. Handing the keys of apartments in new residential homes for the workers of poultry farms. Azerbaijan. Farm farm "October" Lankaran region. Collection of tea, harvesting cabbage, cucumber, tomato. New animal husbandry farm complex. Director of State Farm Z. Mamedov meets. Paul experienced the All-Union Institute for plant breeding and seed production of vegetable crops in the farm. Head of Department S. Aliyev - husband Z. Mammadova. City of Moscow. Buildings, laboratories, wards, equipment-Union Cardiological Research Center. E. Chazov in the group of staff the center. Survey of patients. Therapeutic exercise for patients who suffered a heart attack.

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The film gives a general idea of ​​the progressive implementation of a number of tasks the 11th five year plan.

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