The plane AN - 32. (1983)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of

Director: Egorov YU.


The basic properties of the Soviet multipurpose transport aircraft AN-32 dedicated to export (an advertising film).

Air transport

Sectors of the economy | Transportation

Temporary description

1h. The main characteristics of the Soviet multipurpose transport aircraft AN-32, intended for export (promotional video).

Reel №1

New Soviet multipurpose plane AN-32, designed for flying in hard-to-reach regions, under unfavourable meteorological conditions, is taxiing in the airfield.

Mechanics are preparing the plane for takeoff.

An AN-32 plane in the air; plane's propeller is rotating.

The plane is flying over the Abkhazian mountains tops.

Landing of the AN-32 plane in the conditions of short landing strip; plane's wing flaps, then leading edge flaps are moving out.

A pilot in the plane's cockpit, at the control column.

Pilot's hands at the control column.

Panorama of a flight deck.

The plane is landing.

Cargo hatch of the plane is opening; covers are placed under the hatch; a signal lamp is lit up.

A "Moskvich" car is entering the plane.

Cargo platform withdraws under fuselage.

Telphers are lifting the cargo up.

The cargo is moving into a special compartment of the plane by a roller bed.

A worker is securing the cargo; the worker's face.

A hand is pressing a lever; a hand rotates a propeller.

Passengers in plane's cabin.

Plane's cabin is used for the transport of patients: orderlies are bringing a stretcher into plane's cabin, setting and securing them.

Parachute jumpers are walking up the plane's ramp; parachute jumpers in the plane's cabin, looking throung a window.

Plane's hatch is opening, parachute jumpers are jumping out.

Platform with the cargo is moving along the roller bed, flying out the plane's hatch.

Parachute jumpers and cargo in the air.

Flight of an AN-32 plane.

Animation: an image of an emblem with a caption in English "Aviaexport" is showing up against the background of the plane.