The decree on land. (1967)

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Director: L. Popov

Script writers: E. Oslikovskaya

Operators: A. Galadzhev

Composers: D. Alekseev

Other authors: M. Horol


The film tells the story of the peasant question, the activities of the Bolshevik party in his decision in the pre-revolutionary period, the role of the land Decree in the development of agriculture in the Soviet period.

History | Agriculture | The revolutionary events of 1917

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Rural landscapes, buildings, rural churches.

The wheat bends in the wind.

The cart shed.

Pictures of Russian peasants and the pre-revolutionary peasant life.

The landed estates.

Photos of the interiors of country estates.

Photos of landowners and agrarian leaders

The view of the plowed field.

The peasant allotment.

Photos of Russian peasants.

Photos of Nicholas II.

Pictures of shooting workers near the Winter Palace January 9, 1905 a new cemetery.

Buzz factory whistles.

Photos of the protest.

A bell rings, sound of factory whistles.

Running the printing press.

The title of the draft Programme of the Russian social-democratic labour party (RSDLP).

The text of article 3 of the party Congress and the resolution on the attitude to the peasant movement.

Photos of Nicholas II, the landlords and owners of industrial enterprises.

The title of the Tsar's Manifesto of 17 October 1905.

The fingers in the rings are summarized in Fig.

The text of the Manifesto with the imprint of a bloody hand.

The title of the Agrarian program adopted by the 4 party Congress.

Portrait Of P. A. Stolypin.

The title of the Highest decree about carrying out of Stolypin's agrarian reform.

Photos of the peasants.

The texts of the contracts of sale of land fists.

Newsreel: the moving train.


The crosses on the graves of immigrants.

Tree trunk with broken and dead branches.

Boarded up and ruined peasant huts.

Photos of the peasants.

Wooden crosses on the graves.

Pictures of the victims of the Lena massacre.

The face of an Orthodox priest.

Photo of relatives of victims of the Lena massacre at the graves, pictures of the Royal family.

Buzz factory whistles.

Photos of workers demonstrations and rallies in 1912-1914.

The bell tolls.

Newsreel 1914: the mobilization of the army horse composition, alternated with images of the mobilization of the army.

The fighting in the First world war.

Photos of victims of war and burying the dead soldiers.

Photos of anti-war demonstrations in March 1917.

Photos of the revolutionary rallies and demonstrations.

Photographs of soldiers who read the leaflets of the RSDLP.

He speaks at a rally soldier, anti-war slogans at demonstrations (fragments x/film "October").





Trains; The First World War; Rallies; Demonstrations
Transportation; Sectors of the economy; History; Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Inverted portrait of Nicholas II.

Photograph of the Ministers of the Provisional government.

The texts of articles VI Lenin in the newspaper "Pravda", dedicated to the development of the revolution.

Newsreel 1917: the demonstrators carried banners with slogans against the policies of the Provisional government.

Demonstration on the Foundry bridge.

Portraits of Alexander Kerensky and the Ministers of the Provisional government in July 1917, among them - Vladimir Chernov.

Waving the red flag.

Portrait Of V. I. Lenin.

Fragments x/film "October" with the execution of July demonstration in Petrograd, alternated with portraits of Kerensky.

Workers dismantle the weapons, the cruiser "Aurora" on the Neva (fragments x/film "October").

The cruiser Aurora in the Neva river in Leningrad.

The figure of the angel on the Alexander column, poster stand with photographs of the events of 1917.

View of the Palace square and the Winter Palace in Leningrad, in the area of passing buses.

Views of historic buildings in Leningrad.

The Types Of The Neva.

View of the Nevsky Prospekt in 1967.

Kherson street in Leningrad.

The plaque on the house number 5, which Lenin drew up the Decree on land.

The interior of the memorial apartment.

Lenin's Desk.

The types of Smolny.

The types of the Assembly hall, where in October 1917, took place the meeting of the 2nd all-Russian Congress of Soviets.

Fragments x/movie "October".

The decree on land, published in the newspaper "Izvestia".

Spring break on the river.

The text of the Decree on land.

Forest landscape.

Photos of spring tide.

Rural landscapes.

Photos of the peasants.

Cows and horses in the pasture.

Newsreel: speaker at the peasant rally, farmers face.

Farmers harvested the crop, put the associated sheaves.

The field after harvest.

The farmer is the plow.

The farmer ties up the plow.

A farmer with a plow, newsreel alternated with portraits of peasants.

View of barn with grain.

The lock on the door of the barn.

The title of the instruction on the organization of the committees of village poor (the peasants).

The text of Lenin's article "On cooperation", published in the newspaper "Pravda".

Newsreel 1929: farmers apply for entry to the farm.

The text of one of the statements.

Farmers face.

Submission of the peasants livestock on public court.

Peasant demonstration under the slogan of implementation of the grain procurement plan.

Tractor plowing.

Tractor out of the garage machine and tractor stations.

Tractor out in the field.

The types of collective meeting before plowing.

A tractor and Reaper to harvest.

The work of farm threshers zernotok.

Weighing sacks of grain.

The farm carts of the new crop are sent to Lebedinoye points in the first half of the 1930-ies.

Ears of ripe wheat.

Harvesters to harvest in 1967.

Threshed grain poured into the hopper.

Portrait Of V. I. Lenin.





Rallies; Demonstrations
Society, social activities and community organizations; Social life