The dog in war. (1940)

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Director: E.Terpilin

Script writers: Yu.Genika

Operators: I.Averbah, A.Miroshnikov


Film about military dogs and their application in aviacionnoe and guard service. Dogs with conductors perform different combat tasks: search dropped from aircraft pennant, guarding the Outpost and the pursuit of the enemy, the transfer of reports, laying of communication lines, search and transportation of the wounded from the battlefield, transportation of goods in winter.

Reel №1

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"The dog in war."

Large German shepherd.

The dog sent by the guide runs across the meadow.

The dog swims across the river.

The dog on the battle field, shells exploding nearby.

"Air signal service".

Plane in the sky.

The fighter watches him through binoculars.

The dog sits by a tree and looks up at the plane.

"At the air signal post."

The post signals that it is ready to receive the report.

The plane drops the pennant.

The red army man is given the order to take the dog.

The commander gives the task (synchronously)"The pennant fell into the forest,landmarks.... find and deliver the pennant."

A red army soldier with a Doberman runs towards the forest.

The red army man sends the dog to look for the pennant.

Dog sasagaki runs through the woods.

The dog detects the pennant and gives a voice.

A large barking dog.

The red army man runs up to the dog.

A pennant stuck on a tree branch.

The red army man swings a branch, the pennant falls.

The dog grabs it and gives it to the guide on command.

Red army man with a dog running through the woods.

Watchdog service.

It's raining hard in the woods.

"On guard duty."

A fighter is sitting under a tree in a raincoat tent.

A fighter and a dog under a tree, it's raining.

Several people cross the river with weapons.

Large dog.

Enemies who cross the river leave.

The dog makes a sharp jerk.

A fighter with a gun.

The dog rushes at the enemy.

The enemy is captured.

Soldiers under escort lead a group of the enemy.



Reel №2

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"Communication service".

Two dogs are lying on the grass.

Three fighters with dogs.

Fighters with dogs run to build a connection.


Two dogs and a fighter are crawling on the grass.

The fighter watches through binoculars.

A fighter with two dogs (a shepherd dog and an Airedale terrier) is located on the post.

The fighter writes something in a notebook.

The fighter puts a note in the tablet on the dog's collar and sends it to the first post.

The dog runs to the first post.

The edge of the forest.

Shells explode.

The signalman sends a message.

The dog is sent to another post, tying a wire to the harness for communication.

The dog is laying a new line of communication.

A dog runs across the battlefield with a message.

The fighter puts a trace booster on the boot.

Battlefield, explosions.

The dog is on the trail.

The dog brings a report.

The fighter strokes the dog.

"Sanitary service".

The battlefield, craters from explosions.

A group of paramedics with dogs goes in search of the wounded.

The dog is an orderly.

The dog is sent to search for the wounded.

The dog finds the wounded man.

The dog squeezes a special plate between its teeth and turns on the flashlight.

The dog resorts to a group of paramedics.

The paramedics follow the dog to pick up the wounded man.

"Riding service".

The dogs are lying in the snow.

Fighters in white camouflage clothing shoot at the plane.

On command, the fighters put on their skis and go on a mission.

After the fighters run teams of dogs with luggage.