Foreign newsreel. (1918 - 1933)

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Scene №1 Foreign newsreel

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Shooting a dance number in a Paris music hall.

Dancers on the stage of a music hall.

Film Director Eddie Polo during the filming of a film about a circus in 1918 in the United States.

Shooting of passing extras, E. Polo stands at the van, the cameraman is shooting.

The cameraman turns the camera handle.


Polo Eddi (Vajman Edvard) -- American and German film Director, actor







Culture and Arts; Movie; Directed by movie; Life and leisure
Persons of arts; Biography; Social life

Scene №2

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The German ship "albert Ballin" departs for new York in 1923, people on the pier waving goodbye with hats and handkerchiefs.

View of the bow of the ship's deck in the open sea (top).

The face of one of the passengers, seascape, seagulls over the wave.

Passengers, wrapped in blankets, sit in sun loungers on the deck of the ship.

The albert Ballin is approaching new York.

The tug leads the ship to the port water area, pilot boats at the sides.

Boats are coming along the new York docks, the boats with people waving handkerchiefs.

Panorama of the German passenger ship "Hammonia", passengers waving scarves and handkerchiefs.

Pilot boats accompany the ship.

Tugs enter the port of new York German passenger liner "cap Polonio", a panorama of the port.

The liner is approaching the pier.

Cap Polonio is moored to the dock.




New York



Sea and river transport
Transportation; Sectors of the economy

Scene №3

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Cars pass along the Billboard with periodically changing ads.

A passenger train going to Chicago passes by.

Passenger steamer sails on lake Michigan.

Views of skyscrapers and Central streets of Chicago.

Type of reservoir.

The train passes on an overpass, trams and cars pass under the overpass.

The ship passes under a raised bridge.

View of the road bridge (top).

Panorama of a campaign rally in the United States in 1932.

Participants of the rally hold placards in support of F. D. Roosevelt.

Mounted police push back the protesters.

Participants of the rally wave their hats.

Posters in support of Roosevelt on the heads of protesters.

Types of rally in support of Roosevelt.

Roosevelt's Face.

The American flag is flying.

View of the Capitol building - the seat of the us Congress in Washington.

Roosevelt at home with his family.

Roosevelt's Face.

View of one of the capital's streets during a meeting of Roosevelt after his election as President of the United States, flyers fall from above.

Roosevelt returns greetings from the car.

Roosevelt's car, accompanied by an honorary escort, moves through the streets of Washington.

Roosevelt's speech to the US Congress.

Meeting of the people's Commissar of foreign Affairs of the USSR Litvinov M. M. in the port of new York in November 1933.

Transoceanic liner enters new York Harbor.

Litvinov goes down the ladder, goes ashore.

Litvinov's Face.

Litvinov shakes hands with American journalists.

Litvinov on the back platform of the train leaving for Washington.

The motorcade of the Soviet delegation is accompanied by an honorary motorcycle escort.

Litvinov and US Secretary of state Cordell hull stand at the exit of the building.

Litvinov's Face.

Types of election rally in the United States, portraits of Roosevelt and posters in support of him in the hands of rally participants.

Types of rally at the us Congress building.

View of the Congress building, decorated balcony with a podium.

Roosevelt, standing on the podium, says the words of the presidential oath.


Ruzveljt Franklin Delano -- American statesman and politician
Hall Kordell -- American statesman, diplomat
Litvinov Maksim Maksimovich (Vallah Meer-Genoh Moiseevich) -- statesman and politician, diplomat




New York



Political figures; Trains; Sea and river transport
Biography; Policy; Transportation; Sectors of the economy