Leningrad chronicles 1972 № 4

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Producer LSDF

Director: L. Izakson

Editor: E. Gordienko

Operators: G. Afanasjev, G. Bulatov,V. Djyakonov


Construction of a nuclear power plant. Weekdays of the company "Summer", vegetables for residents of Leningrad. KB "Lenigrushka". Weekdays of the weather center. The plot about the conductor Yu.Temirkanov.

Reel №1

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1. Construction of the NPP.

A crane passes on the background of a construction site.


The lifting crane lifts the metal

the design.

The installer directs the lifting.

The installer installs the structure on


Workers perform welding of parts.

Workers install the equipment.

Large-portrait of a worker.

Workers perform welding of the equipment.

A team of workers.

Krupno-brigadier G. N. Maryasov.

Brigadier Maryasov and his team of workers.

The crane carries the overall part

against the background of working installers.

Workers process the turbine blades.

View of the turbine and the workers from the other side.

Panorama of the NPP under construction.

Panorama of new buildings with passing people


2. Everyday life of the company "Summer", the construction of new greenhouses.

The tractor processes the soil in the greenhouse.

Workers plant seedlings in the ground.

Large-a lamp for lighting a greenhouse.

Panorama of the greenhouse.

Agronomist of the farm-large.

Greenhouse workers collect onions.

Panorama of a greenhouse with a grown onion.

A loader with a harvested onion crop is driving.

Workers collect mushrooms.

Large-hands picking mushrooms.

A worker carries a box of mushrooms.

Large-mushrooms in boxes.

Panorama of the greenhouse.

Installers assemble the frame of the greenhouse.

Welding of the greenhouse frame.

Panorama of the greenhouse with plantings.

A tractor is driving through the greenhouse.

3. The Lenigrushka Association, KB (design Bureau).

Alternate images of toys.

Designers discuss the drawing of the toy.

Designers at the drawing board.

View of the design office.

Large-the designer works at the drawing room

wood boards.

View of the design office.

Children play with toys.

The designers are watching the children.

Children play with toys.

The toy is lying on the floor.

Designers play with children.

Designers talk to children.

Large-the girl is talking.

A boy is playing with a toy helicopter.

Children talk about toys.

4. Weekdays of the Weather Center, 100 years.

The steamer is in the ice against the background of hummocks.

A caravan of ships goes by sea.

Working propellers of the aircraft.

Working propellers of the aircraft on the other side.

A plane flying through the clouds.

Old engravings with sailors flying

with a balloon.

An old drawing.

Modern layout of weather stations.

Image of a marine weather station.

Image of the locator for receiving data from

space satellites.

Image of rockets taking off.

A glowing sign on the building of the Weather Center.


Employees work in the hydrometeorological department


The employee works on a computer.

Close-up-the hands press the buttons.

Computer details.

The man is large.


Equipment at the hydrometeorological



Hands working on a teletype.

The teletype prints out the documents.

Hands fill the information on the computer tape.

The announcer reads out the weather forecast.

Device for removing hydrometeorological


Device for demonstrating the current

the air temperature on the roof of the building.

People walk against the background of rostral columns in


Panorama of new buildings through the construction

a lifting crane.

5. The plot about the conductor Yu.


General view of the great hall of the Leningrad

philharmonic society.


Temirkanov conducts the orchestra.


Temirkanov is talking to the musicians.


Temirkanov conducts the orchestra.

Musicians of the orchestra, in the foreground

cellos and double basses, wind instruments in the background



Temirkanov communicates with musicians and

conducts the orchestra.

View of the rehearsal from the box of the hall.

The musician plays the timpani.

A musician plays the tuba, a view from the back.

Musicians play woodwinds


The musician plays the trombone, notes are in front of him.


Temirkanov conducts.

A distant plan of the orchestra in the Philharmonic hall.

View of the organ.

Panorama of the orchestra under the direction of


Temirkanov and the audience hall on

a concert.

Bow of the musicians and the conductor at the end

performances of the orchestra.


Temirkanov leaves the stage.

Titles on a dark gray background and the logo of the studio.


Temirkanov Yu.H. - sovetskij i rossijskij dirizhyor, pedagog, obschestvennij deyatelj


Leningrad region





Musicians; Construction; Science
Persons of arts; Biography; Culture and Arts; Music; Sectors of the economy