Feat of Leningrad (New edition). (1985)

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The film is about the hero city of Leningrad, which survived the siege during the Great Patriotic War.

World War II | Beginning of the blockade of Leningrad | Siege of Leningrad breakthrough

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The city of Leningrad during the siege (September 1941-January 1943).

Residents of the city run to a shelter during a raid by nazi aircraft, go on foot to work, take water from an ice hole on the Neva River.

Streets of besieged Leningrad; on a sledge being taken of the dead; the destroyed building.

Production of tanks, shells in the workshops of the Kirov plant.

Send-off to the front line of the workers ' battalions created at the industrial enterprises of Leningrad.

D. D. Shostakovich at the piano.

Leningrad scientists at work in the library.

Classes of students in the classroom.

Transportation of food and cargo to Leningrad via Lake Ladoga ("Road of Life").

The reunification of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts, the breakthrough of the siege of Leningrad.

Passage of the first train after the blockade.

Evacuation of Leningrad children to the Mainland.

Clearing the streets of Leningrad from snow in the spring of 1943, the movement of trams, the installation of sculptures in their former places, restoration work in the halls of the Hermitage.

German prisoners are led along the street of Leningrad.

Salute in honor of the liberation of Leningrad.

Production processes in the workshops of Leningrad enterprises.

Launching of the nuclear-powered ship "Lenin".

Halls of the Museum-apartments of A. S. Pushkin on the Moika.

Professor K. F. Ogorodnikov in the hall of the Pulkovo Observatory.

In the narrator's text for the film, entries from the diary of the Leningrad girl-blockader Tanya Savicheva are read out.

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