Leningrad chronicles 1970 № 26

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Producer LSDF

Director: E.Uchitelj

Operators: V.Valdajcev, A.Ivanov, O.Luchinin, Yu.Chizhevskij, R.Shevalje, E.Shinkarenko


1. "Hello, school!" Celebration of the first bell at the new school. The first lesson about Volodya Ulyanov. A teacher with a globe. 2. Leningrad Polytechnic Institute. Students get off the tram, to lectures, in the park near the institute. 3rd labor semester in the fields of the Leningrad region, loading boxes with vegetables. Lunch: milk with a loaf. With a guitar on the riverbank. 3. "Towards the 24th Congress of the CPSU" Knitting factory "Red Banner", knitter Eremenko. At a meeting of party groups of precincts. 4. "When a comrade is in trouble ..." The plot is about the brigade from the Upper Svir lock: trouble came - they gave their blood. 5. "Welcome to the Supermarket. Opening of the country's first supermarket "Vitebsk" on Bucharest street. Trading floor, counters, cash registers, customers. 6. "From 3 to 80". The plot of the BTK (Bolshoi Puppet Theater, directed by Sudarushkin).

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1. A man takes his daughter to school on September 1.

A girl in a school uniform and a white apron with a bouquet of flowers.

Children with flowers go to school.

Children in front of the entrance to the new school.

A girl cuts a ribbon before entering the school.

Children come to school in pairs.

A lesson in the first grade.

The teacher tells the children about Volodya Ulyanov, there is a portrait of Volodya Ulyanov on the blackboard.

A teacher with a globe in her hands explains something.

2. A sign on the building of the Polytechnic Institute.

The teacher writes formulas on the blackboard.

Student audience.

Freshmen in the field harvesting beets.

A snack in the field.

3. Knitting factory "Red Banner".

The drummer of communist labor knitter V.Eremina.

Party meeting.

V.Eremina trains a young worker.

4. The doctor at the patient's bedside.

A team of workers of the Verkhne-Sivrsky lock.

The dispatcher receives a call by phone.

The ship passes the lock.

5. Kupchino residential area.

The building of the new Supermarket.

Packaging and packaging of goods.

Opening of a new Supermarket.

6. Children's letters and drawings.

Fragment of a puppet show (synchronously).

Artists are puppeteers.

The main director of the theater V.Sudarushkin among the audience.

Adult audience in the theater.

Artists with dolls on stage, came out to bow.


Leningrad region



Education; Industry; Health; Scope of Service; Theater; Culture and Arts
Social life; Sectors of the economy