Leningrad chronicles 1975 № 19

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Producer LSDF

Director: V. Granin

Operators: A.Ivanov,Yu.Nikolaev,S.Ivanyuhin,L.Rozhin

Other authors: A.Nikiforov


Special Issue: GO (Civil Defense) exercises at the plant named after him. Zhdanov.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

A building with a sign on the roof "Leningrad".

Panorama of new buildings,a bus rides in the foreground.

Panorama of Nevsky Prospekt, cars are driving in the foreground.

Girls buy flowers.

Street panorama.

A memorial sign of the 30th anniversary of the Victory.

The administrative building of the plant named after


Hitting the decorative anchors on the gable of the building.

Factory cranes,a ship under construction in the background.

A ship under construction.

The welder welds the housing.

Panorama of factory structures and the ship under construction.

Large - a man writes in a notebook.

Panorama of the meeting, with the presidium in the background.

Large participants of the meeting.

A man in the presidium with a pointer explains the posted diagrams.

Large-a man is talking.

Panoramic survey of the plant management.

Workers perform work on the territory of the plant.

A worker collects the fence and works inside the shelter.

Workers are walking around the shop.

Workers cover the equipment with protective structures.

Workers install individual protective devices.


The man gets up and goes into an individual protective shelter.

View of the shelter through the porthole.

A man looks through the porthole.

Women sew on sewing machines.

Large-a woman examines a sewn mask.

A man enters the party committee,people are at a meeting in the background.

The military is sitting at the table.

The chairman is at the table talking to employees.

The man writes in a notebook.

Panorama of the meeting.

Panorama of the factory territory with employees.

Large-scale workers of the plant.

The responsible employee reports to the plant director.

Factory workers with a white flag with a cross.

Large-patch on the sleeve.

Factory workers.

The man speaks into the microphone.

Factory workers are walking in a column with shovels and stretchers.

A column of cars is driving down the street.

Traffic controller.

A column of cars with people is driving down the street.

Panorama of the room with employees.

The employee is talking on the phone.

A large-scale responsible employee.

Workers go through the shop, go to the shelter.

Workers in the shelter read newspapers.

Workers close the door to the shelter.

The attendant is near the door to the shelter.

Medical post.

An explosion over the factory.

The pipe is destroyed.

Another explosion, another pipe collapses.

Buildings are burning.

A fire on the territory of the plant.

Panorama of the burning buildings and structures of the plant.

A helicopter is flying.

An employee comes out of the shelter in a radiation protection suit with devices that determine the level of radiation.

The employee determines the radiation level and marks it on a special stand.

The employee records the data and transmits it by phone.

Panorama of the room with working employees.

Responsible employees receive data and make decisions.

Employees move around the shelter.

A helicopter is flying, in the foreground of the plant structure.

Fire trucks and special equipment enter the territory of the plant.

A fire on the territory of the plant.

Cars with employees in gas masks and protective suits enter the territory of the plant.

Alternate shots of a fire and employees unloading from cars.

Employees of special detachments extinguish the fire.

From the sea, the fire is extinguished by fire boats.

Firefighters dismantle burning structures and extinguish the fire with special foam.

Employees of the company are preparing a wall newspaper with photos.

A man climbs the fire escape.

Evacuation of people is carried out with the help of lifting mechanisms.

Military and civilian people are walking through the territory of the enterprise.

Krupno - the head of the civil defense of the country Altunin.

Krupno-head of the Leningrad military district Gribkov.

Krupno-secretary of the Leningrad regional party committee Ignatov.

Krupno-Chairman of the Leningrad City Executive Committee of the Cossacks.

Large-chairman of the Leningrad regional Executive Committee Shibalov.

People with stretchers pass by.

An employee bandages a conditionally wounded person.

The wounded are loaded into the car.

The equipment disassembles the rubble and extinguishes fires.

Workers sort out the rubble.

The crane is working.

On the territory of the plant, the military is dismantling the exercises.

The meeting room with the employees of the plant.

Altunin is speaking at the presidium.

The Presidium.

Large-employees write in notebooks.

Large-an employee of the plant.

Alternate shots with employees of the plant.

Panorama of the factory territory.

The slipways of the plant and the ship under construction.

Welders are working, against the background of ships under construction.

Panorama of a new building.

Panorama of the Leningrad embankment with a bridge and buildings.

Key words

civil defense exercises




The plant named after.