Rural Conversations [Everything Around Belongs to the Collective Farm].. (1991)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Skitovich V.

Script writers: Skitovich V., Ivaschenko A.

Operators: Ermolaev L.


History of three Central Regions of Russia – Orlov, Kaluga and Tula Regions.


Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

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The collective farm “Zavety Ilyicha” [“Lenin’s Legacy”]: a herd of cows is passing by, the herder is waking by.

The collective farm “Bolshevik” [“Member of the Lenin fraction of the USSR Communist Party”]: Harvesting machines “Neva” are operating in the field.

The collective farm “Komintern”[“Communist International”]: a panorama of a herd of sheep pasturing on the meadow.

The herder is waking by.

Collective farm “Put Ilyicha” [“Lenin’s Way”]: a tractor is going by.

A panorama of a plowed field.

A road sign “Kolkhoz “Put Ilyicha” [“Collective farm “Lenin’s Way””] in the field, there are houses in the distance.

A road sign “Sovkhoz “Za kommunizm” [“State farm “For Communism””]; a panorama of the road.

A road sign “Kolkhoz “Zarya kommunizma” [‘Collective Farm “Rise of the Communism”]

A partially destroyed stand in the street.

A portrait of Vladimir Lenin is on the stand.

The choir (women wearing Russian national costumes) is singing “chastooshkas” (Russian folk comic couplets) in the street.

An old church (the Oryol Region)

A panorama of a gravestone in the cemetery.

A panorama of collective farmers staying in the street and a tractor.

Collective farmers are reading and smoking.

A panorama of a pool, of the church of the destroyed monastery.

A panorama of the Svyato-Dukhov Monastery (it is destroyed).

A field landscape.

A river, a field.

A panorama of a building (the former estate).

A picture: the emblems of the cities.

Old men are walking along a village street.

A panorama of the village cemetery.

A panorama of a gravestone.

A panorama of a river landscape, people are sitting on the meadow.

Old residents - the teacher V.P.Lebedev and T.F.Lukashin - are speaking about collectivization (economics experiment taken place in the USSR in 1929 with the aim to improve agricultural productivity).

A panorama of a herd of cows on the meadow.

Horses are grazing.

A panorama of flowers, of the river in the distance, children sitting on the bank.

A panorama of harvesting machines in the field.

A village street, a tractor is going by.

Children and teenagers are sitting.

Women and girls are staying in the street.

Boys are walking down the street.

A panorama of the village cemetery.

A country road, the church in the village of Kazar, there is a car near the church.

A panorama of the priest Father Peter and parishioners entering the church.

A panorama of the church.

A panorama of lying logs.

Meadows, a road, and a church in the distance.

Reel №2

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A panorama of a village street, a tractor is going by, people are passing by.

A panorama of the unfinished construction of a workshop (inside and outside), people are in the noncompleted premise.

The chairman of the collective farm “Lenin’s Way” V.Makarov in the workshop is speaking about mismanagement.

A village landscape.

A panorama of the collective farm “Mayak” [“Lighthouse”]: the leaser L.N.Sumarokova is waking by the houses.

A panorama of a tree.

A panorama of the herd of cows and the herder.

L.N.Sumarokova is harnessing a horse, preparing cans for milk.

Herder N.I.Zhuk is talking to a teenager, he is talking about work.

A panorama of a summer landscape, meadows.

The hired worker Elena is pouring milk in cans.

L.N.Sumarokova is on the pasture with cows, she is speaking.

Mechanical milking.

A panorama of L.N.Sumarokova pouring milk, cans.

A farm.

A panorama of a village street.

A woman is standing next to the horse, cans are in the cart.

Another woman is with cans.

A cart is passing by, cars are standing.

Harvesting of bread.

A panorama of machine operators sitting at the tractors at the lunch break, they are eating.

A panorama of V.Makarov talking to machine operators.

A panorama of a plain landscape.

Work on the barnyard.

A country shop (outside view), queue to the shop

A panorama of the shop interior, shelves with products.

A panorama of women near the shop talking about collective farms and the lease.

Reel №3

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A panorama of the Harvest Festival: Tables laid in the field, people are sitting.

Collective farmers of different age.

V.M.Makarov and machine operators are talking.

A tractor is staying.

A female choir in national costumes is in the street, an old woman is singing a comic couplet.

A dog near the kennel is wagging.

The family of machine operators Tolpyginys are at the table, in the yard, they are talking.

Family photographs are on the wall.

The room interior.

A panorama of diplomas on the wall.

A yard, hens are in the yard.

River landscapes (rise or sunset), a horseman is passing by.

Teenagers are at a fire in night, they are talking.

A panorama of a river, of a field.

A road, a boy with a dog is walking.

The icon “God’s Mother –Keeper of Bread”.