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Other authors: Rozakova Marina, Kuckij Mihail, Shatilo Sergej, Trudova Nataljya, Pastuhov Sergej


Konstantin Eduardovich Tsiolkovsky is a scientist and inventor who was many years ahead of his time, his projects and their scientific basis became the starting point in the development of Soviet cosmonautics and have not lost their relevance in the modern world.

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Photos of Tsiolkovsky.

Tsiolkovsky's great-grandson Sergey Samburov talks about his great-grandfather.

Chronicle of the late XIX - early XX century: a train arrives at the station, people on the platform, a horse-drawn carriage and passers-by on the street.

Photos of the Rumyantsev Library.

Chronicle of the late XIX - early XX century: wagons on city streets.

A man writes with a pencil on paper.

Drawings and notes by Tsiolkovsky.


Tsiolkovsky speaks to the audience, applause from the audience.

Tsiolkovsky's works on the project of a metal airship.

Tsiolkovsky is working in the garden, leafing through books, writing; a model of an airship.

Works by Tsiolkovsky.

The project of an airplane with a metal frame.

Photo of Tsiolkovsky.

Wind tunnels; comments by the publisher Alexander Maslov.

Tsiolkovsky picks up a book from the table, opens it, reads.


Chronicle of 1932: Tsiolkovsky rides down the street on a bicycle.

Photo of the scientist in the office.

Animation: Tsiolkovsky's formulas applied to rocket flights.

Tsiolkovsky is sitting by the window.

Sergey Samburov talks about his great-grandfather's books.

A record on a gramophone, photographs of Tsiolkovsky, drawings; the voice of a scientist sounds.

Tsiolkovsky is in the garden.

Pages of Tsiolkovsky's work "Exploration of World spaces by jet devices".

Photo of Tsiolkovsky.

Computer animation: Cosmos.

Rocket launch.

Comments by Sergey Samburov.

Photo of Tsiolkovsky.

Chronicle: prisoners under the escort of the Red Army, prisoners behind bars.

Tsiolkovsky is working in his office.

Drawing of a rocket train; comments by Sergey Samburov.

Works by Tsiolkovsky.

Tsiolkovsky communicates with scientists.

Animation: rocket launch.

Photo of the scientist.

Animation: the starry sky.

Monument to Tsiolkovsky in front of the Cosmonautics Museum at the VDNKh metro station.

Portrait of Tsiolkovsky.


Ciolkovskij K.E. -- Russian and Soviet scientist-theorist, thinker, teacher, inventor, author of many scientific works on aeronautics, rocket dynamics and cosmonautics, projects of aircraft and rocket and space technology.