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Other authors: Rozakova Marina, Kuckij Mihail, Shatilo Sergej, Trudova Nataljya, Pastuhov Sergej


Boris Yevseyevich Chertok is an outstanding design scientist, one of the closest associates of Sergei Korolev. He made a huge contribution to scientific and technological progress and to the development of Soviet cosmonautics.

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Photos of Chertok.

Moscow at the beginning of the XX century: people on the streets, trade, transport.

People at the radios.

The tram goes through the square.

Workers in factories.

Aircraft assembly.

Boris Chertok talks about his dream to visit Mars.

A fragment of the film "Aelita" (1924, directed by Protazanov Ya.A., in the role of Aelita Valentina Kuindzhi).

Specialists are working on the drawings.

Automatic electronic bomb thrower under the wing of the aircraft.

The plane drops bombs.


Photo of Chertok.

Planes, preparation for flights.

The plane takes off.

Assembly of bomber aircraft at the factory.

Planes in the air.

Aerial view of the pontoon bridge.

The eldest son of academician Valentin Chertok talks about his father.

Photo of Chertok.

Filming at aircraft factories (military scientists at work, aircraft assembly, instruments, jet engine testing).

Valentin Chertok remembers his father.

Germany, Soviet scientists are studying German military equipment, V-2 missiles.


Vakhtang Vachnadze talks about Chertok's work in Germany.

Photos of Chertok and Korolev.

Passenger train.

A man looks out the window.

View of the bridge from the train.

Photo of Chertok.

The rocket is on the launch pad.

Rocket launch.

KB, people are working on drawings.

Photo of Chertok.

Council of Chief Designers.

Alexey Eliseev talks about the launch of the rocket.

Boris Chertok with colleagues at the factory.

Specialists work with drawings.

Rocket assembly.

Launch pad, aerial view.

Chertok recalls how the United States did not take seriously the news about the successes of the USSR in cosmonautics.

04.10.1957, the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite.

Radio operators at the receiver.


A meeting of scientists, a rocket at the start.

Chertok talks about working on spacecraft control systems.

Korolev hands Chertok the documents, congratulates, shakes hands.

Colleagues applaud.

Assembly of spacecraft.

Chertok at a meeting with colleagues.

Eliseev recalls working with the Dash.

Scientists at work.

Chertok is talking to the military.

Specialists work with drawings.

Assembly of spacecraft.

Devils at meetings.

Alexey Leonov recalls working with Chertok.

Boris Chertok comes out of the door of the hall, accepts congratulations.

Rocket launches.

Orbital stations in space.

Vakhtang Vachnadze talks about Chertok's contribution to cosmonautics.

Photo of Chertok.

Filming of different years (Sketches at meetings, awards, press conferences).


Chertok B.E. -- Soviet design scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Hero of Socialist Labor.
Korolev S.P. -- Soviet scientist, design engineer, General designer of the rocket and space industry of the USSR, Academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, twice Hero of Socialist Labor.
Vachnadze V.D. -- Candidate of Technical Sciences, designer of rocket technology, General Director of NPO Energia (1977-1991).
Eliseev A.S. -- pilot-cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.
Leonov A.A. -- Soviet pilot-cosmonaut, Honored Master of Sports of the USSR, twice Hero of the Soviet Union.
Kuindzhi V.E. -- Russian and Soviet theater and film actress.


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