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Год производства с 1900 по 1939

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Refugees. (1939)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:16:59 to collection G 27.10.2016

Japanese and Chinese flags.

Japanese soldiers March.

Japan's invasion of China.

Volleys of shells from the ship.

The burning house in the night.

Japanese soldiers at the barricades with their flag.

The army of refugees.


Emperor Franz-Joseph the ruler and the people. (1908)

Documentary, 4 части, Хронометраж: 0:36:35 to collection G 26.10.2016


General view of the residence, preparing for the hunt.

Frnaz Joseph on horseback leaving the residence.

Boarding the train in mountains;meeting of the Emperor with the local population,and then on foot they go deeper into the forest.

Hunting mountain goats.

The fleeing animals.

The first extraction.


Ocean flight "Bremen". (1927)

Documentary, 8 частей, Хронометраж: 1:04:42 to collection G 26.10.2016


The titer of the desire of man up.


The titer of the need for comprehensive pilot training.

The pilots on the morning line.

The instructor gives explanations pilots.

Classes at the motor.


The decisive victory of the Eastern army. (1918)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:16:36 to collection G 26.10.2016


General view of the area.


French guns firing at the enemy positions.

About guns-calculations.


A volley of guns.pnrm. on the enemy positions.


Pictures of German weapons day in Dresden. (1919)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:12:54 to collection G 26.10.2016


Squadron banners of leaving the area after the closing of the exhibition.

Procession with the standards of the military.

Morning in the holiday Illgen arena.

President Hindenburg bypasses military column in festive uniforms.

The officer salutes him.

Procession of military convoys.


Our children are our future. (1918)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:22:18 to collection G 26.10.2016


Information on child mortality /die every sixth child under the age of one year.

Allegorical picture: in the window of the mother getting the kids.

Five of the mothers leave happy.

The sixth child selects death-a skinny man in a raincoat.

The caption on that of the 300 thousand children who annually loses to Germany,many could have been saved.

Data on child mortality in other countries.


A festival of sports and gymnastics schools in Lower Austria. (1914)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:11:39 to collection G 26.10.2016

Of Austria-Hungary.

The construction of the participants.

Columns athletes.

Grand opening.

The speech of Prince Otto Windisch-Graetz,President of the Austrian Olympic Committee.

Honored guests in the stands.

Gentlemen in top hats and tuxedos.


Carl Schurz travels to Germany. (1934)

Documentary, 3 части, Хронометраж: 0:25:31 to collection G 26.10.2016


Tourists on the train.

A trip to the "Polish Corridor".

Bells fifteenth century.

Forms of the church, on the walls of moldings and sculptures.

Patterned cast iron fence at the entrance to the big iron balls.



The flight of Hitler over Germany. (1932)

Documentary, 9 частей, Хронометраж: 1:13:26 to collection G 26.10.2016


The opening credits about the significance of this flight.


The plane.

Preparing for the start.

The plane takes off.

Hitler with his party on the plane.


Winged soldiers. (1939)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:17:57 to collection G 26.10.2016



London,tower bridge,Trafalgar square,pigeons fly over the square,fountains.

Top view of Westminster Abbey,the artist draws on the street.

Paris,Champs Elysees,arc de Triomphe.

Cemetery of the fallen in the 1st world war,a huge number of crosses



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