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Год производства с 2000 по 2009

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Red Army man was a hero. (2000)

Documentary, 1 часть, Хронометраж: 0:09:59 to collection G 12.03.2018

Of the collector of folklore from the war years,

the teacher from Balashova G. P. F. Lebedev.

When the "plate". (2002)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:17:36 to collection G 12.03.2018

The film tells about the disappointments of the first post-Soviet decade and modest but real hopes for the future of the Saratov aviation plant.

Aviation | Industry

The prisoner lives ... (Life in the countryside). (2001)

Documentary, 3 части, Хронометраж: 0:07:29 to collection G 07.03.2018

The film tells about the work of the teacher of primary school of the village Old Jablonka Khvalynsky district K. I. Zemskova.

Family | Biography

Victory Day. (2002)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:19:56 to collection G 07.03.2018

The film tells about the fate of two parties

wars, the great Patriotic war and the Chechen who became disabled at a young age, Vladimir Pechatnikov and V. A. Eremeev.

The shooting took place may 9 in

The Saratov hospital of veterans of wars.

Victory Day | Veterans

Russian coast. (2003)

Documentary, 3 части, Хронометраж: 0:24:38 to collection G 07.03.2018

tasks of the region after the visit of Vladimir Putin?

About this film.

Russian cities and regions

The Creation of the Choir. (2000)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:20:17 to collection G 05.03.2018

The film is about the head of the Department of choral

singing Saratov Conservatory Professor L. A. Lisovoy.

Music | Culture and Arts

This wonderful "Path" .... (2001)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:19:33 to collection G 02.03.2018

About young poets of literary and creative

association "Path" at the regional children's library in Tambov.

Head V. Dorozhkina

Science and Culture of St. Petersburg. Almanac number 2.. (2000)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:19:27 to collection G 24.02.2017

Part I. The city of St.


Brain Institute.

Application of computed tomography for examination of the brain.

Brain surgery.

MD, head of the Laboratory of stereotactic methods AD Anichkov gives comments (synchronous and behind the scenes).

City of St.


Faithfully. (2002)

Documentary, 1 фильм, Хронометраж: 0:29:30 to collection S 26.12.2016

Faithfully served our ancestors homeland. 20th Century broke our understanding of human life and their spiritual nature.

The film is about the rewards of Russia for 300 years of their existence gives rise to talk about it again.

This film is about the war and the man in the war.

Topic 3 comment on the authority - a historian, a military writer and priest.

Song of the unfortunate in love. (2008)

Documentary, 1 фильм, Хронометраж: 0:26:28 to collection S 26.12.2016

In the story "The murder of the poet" like Apollinaire foresaw his own fate: seriously wounded in the head on the front, he was unable to recover and died on 9th November 1918 at the age of 38 children.

Wilhelm - Albert - Vladimir - Alexander - Apollinaris Kostrovitsky (pseudonym Guillaume Apollinaire) was the illegitimate son of Angelica Kostrovitsky.

His grandfather was a staff captain of the Russian army, but after the defeat of the Polish uprising of 1863, was forced to emigrate to Italy.

According to family giving Apollinaire was the son of Napoleon's grandson, who lived at that time in the Vatican.

However, in official form registration of foreigners in Italy, in the column "nationality" is written: "The Italian.


In the film, we confine ourselves to love poetry of the poet, which sounds bitter fate "unloved", or just with the French "ill loved one."


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