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Год производства с 1900 по 1939

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Solovki (Solovki prison camp).. (1927)

Documentary, 1 фильм, Хронометраж: 1:19:15 to collection A 14.11.2012

Oil fields, plowing the fields, the construction of one of the factories, the parade of athletes on Red Square, an honor guard at the tomb of rural correspondent Zakharova, the guard on duty, military aircraft at the airport, in the air, naval vessels at sea, a military parade on Red Square.


Lubyanka building of the OGPU. The train moves by rail (route "Moscow - Leningrad - Petrozavodsk - Kem).

Popov Island.

Kem transit point: the barracks, a marina.

Steamer at the pier into the sea.

Solovetsky Monastery (the camp): buildings, land, women's, men's barracks, hydroelectric power, mechanical, tanneries, shoe factory, nursery fur-channel system, printing, restaurant, hair salon, department store, fisheries, seaplane gliders.


King Ivan Grozny. (1915)

Documentary, 1 часть, Хронометраж: 0:42:00 to collection A 10.11.2012

The historical film "King of Ivan the Terrible" by the drama by Lev Mey's "The Maid of Pskov".

Cast: Richard Boleslavsky, Fyodor Chaliapin, N. Saltikov, Boris Sushkevich, Mikhail Zharov

Exam readiness.. (1930)

Documentary, 2 части, Хронометраж: 0:17:22 to collection A 10.11.2012

Baltic Fleet maneuvers.

Pride of country. (1939)

Documentary, 1 часть, Хронометраж: 0:08:38 to collection A 10.11.2012

On the celebration of the Day of the Navy of the USSR.


Moscow.. (1927)

Documentary, 7 частей, Хронометраж: 0:59:32 to collection A 09.11.2012

Species film about Moscow.

The film shows the architectural monuments, the work of urban enterprises, life and leisure of citizens.

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Downfall of Romanovs Dinasty. (1927)

Documentary, 7 частей, Хронометраж: 1:05:07 to collection A 09.11.2012

The film about the events of the begining of the XX century: dethronement of the tsar Nicolay II and the February Revolution.

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Man with the movie camera. (1929)

Documentary, 6 частей, Хронометраж: 1:03:05 to collection A 09.11.2012

The founder of world documentary cinema Dziga Vetrov's film about a life of a big city

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