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Leningrad chronicles 1975 № 8

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Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:21 to collection G 1/18/2021

Special issue about the heroes of the five-year plan.

1. V.S. Chicherov.

2. E.Ya.

Demidova is a weaver.

3. V.F.Karsakova - milkmaid.

4. Tauride Palace, awarding of the foremost.

Leningrad chronicles 1972 № 9

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Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:17 to collection G 1/18/2021

1. Comprehensive plans of the lifting and transport equipment plant named after


2. Research Institute of them.

Vedeneeva, dams of the future, research.

3. Training center for vocational guidance of schoolchildren.

Training in professions: postal operator, cook, turner, locksmith, etc.

4. Factory "Krasny Partizan", creation of new accordions.

5. Report of pioneers in the Leningrad City Council on the 50th anniversary of the pioneer organization.

6. Leningrad zonal review of ballroom dancing.

Leningrad chronicles 1972 № 7

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Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:03 to collection G 1/18/2021

1. Flowers for the holiday on March 8.

2. The factory named after

Bebel, congratulations to women.

3. The plot of the taxi driver T. Ivashko.

4. The story of the restorer A.Malova.

Restoration of Giorgione's painting "Judith" from the Hermitage collection.

Visitors, a guide in the halls of the Hermitage.

5. The plant "Lentrublit", the production of pipes.

6. Geotype for typewriting.

7. Leningrad Youth Theater (Young Spectator Theater) is 50 years old, a gala evening.

The theater is congratulated by B. Chirkov and A.Batalov.

Contrasts. (1975)

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Documentary, 6 parts, Duration: 0:52:45 to collection G 1/18/2021

Fragments of ballet programs performed by artists of the Leningrad Theater of Ballet Miniatures

Culture and Arts | Ballet

Leningrad chronicles 1971 № 24

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Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:19 to collection G 1/18/2021

1. Shipbuilding Plant named after

Zhdanova, greenhouse, barber shop, cafe.

2. Construction of the pig-feeding complex "Vostochny".

3. Socialist obligations of fitters-assemblers of the plant "Russian diesel".

4. Problems of the city: reconstruction of tram tracks.

5. Leningrad Zoo, veterinary inspection.

6. The plot of M. Peunov, archery.

Leningrad chronicles 1975 № 5

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Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:12 to collection G 1/18/2021

1. A rally at the Kirov plant on the occasion of the commissioning of the rolling production complex.

The work of the rolling mill.

2. Izhora plant, welding shop.

3. State farm "Prigorodny", meat, vegetables.

4. Collective farm "Baltika", fishing farm.

5. Meeting of excellent students of combat and political training.

6. "We are with you, the people of Chile!" Visit to Leningrad of the son of the secretary of the Communist Party of Chile L.Corvalan - Luis Alberto Corvalan.

Piskarevskoye cemetery.

Smolny. "Electrosila".

7. Winter stadium after reconstruction.

Basketball players are playing.

Leningrad Boxing Championship.

Athletics: hurdling, pole vault, long jump, shot put (G.Mikhailov).

Leningrad chronicles 1972 № 26

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Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:08:13 to collection G 1/18/2021


In Leningrad - plus 33 degrees, film library, forest fires, fighting fires.

In the zoo, a hippo and an elephant are doused with water.

Leningrad newsreel 1975 № 7

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Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:07 to collection G 1/18/2021

1. The plot of the Leningrad Drama and Comedy Theater (frontline Theater).

2. Cinema "Aurora", an evening dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the film "Chapaev", the Vasiliev brothers for editing the film, B.Babochkin.

3. Nadia Rusheva's exhibition.

4. The plot about the architect A.V. Zhuk, the new airport terminal.

Leningrad chronicles 1975 № 1

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Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:08:19 to collection G 1/18/2021

1. Interview with the turner of the Electrosila plant, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Yu.K.Sidorov.

2. Smolny, people enter the building.

Regional meeting of mentors.

Participants of the meeting in the Smolny corridor.

Stepan Vitchenko is the initiator of the movement - at the factory, at the machine.

In the hall.

Speech by the Secretary of the Leningrad Regional Committee of the CPSU B.Andreeva.

Head of the agitation Department V. Zakharov on the podium.

3. Opening of the Grenadier Bridge across the Bolshaya Nevka.

Construction personnel.

Loaded dump trucks on the main span of the bridge.

Chairman of the Leningrad Executive Committee V. Kazakov cuts the ribbon.

Builders are the first to cross the bridge.

Tram passage on the new bridge.

4. Opening of the Leningrad Youth Theater at the theater named after


Poster. A.Freundlich, I.Vladimirov, S.Yursky, L.Luppian.

In the hall - Z.Korogodsky, teacher and actor S.Ivanov, etc.

Leningrad chronicles 1971 № 9

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Newsreel, 1 part, Duration: 0:10:11 to collection G 1/18/2021

1. Streets of Leningrad.

Cars are coming towards the 24th Congress of the CPSU, lively Nevsky.

Metal factory, turner P.M.Demidov - delegate of the 24th Congress of the CPSU.

2. Leningrad House of Models, demonstration of models of women's coats. V.A.Simonova - delegate.

3. The plot about the master of animal husbandry of the state farm "Krasnogvardeyets" T.Junina.

4. Institute of Physics and Technology; Academician S.N.Zhurkov - delegate.

5. The plot of the ballerina I. Kolpakova: on stage, at rehearsal.

6. Prospects for the development of air transport.

Leningrad Airport.

The crew of the Hero of the Soviet Union Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Mednonogov.

The layout of the new building of the Pulkovo airport.

Takeoff of the TU-144.

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