Soviet Sport 1975 № 10 Photo exhibition. Sporting family. Century yacht club. At the world championships.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Grigorev I.

Operators: Skachkov I., Petrosov R., Gorbatskiy V., Dobronickiy V.


1. International exhibition "Sport - the ambassador of peace". 2. Sports family Deryugin. 3. 100 th anniversary of the Black Sea Yacht Club. 4. FIFA World Weightlifting Championships.

Temporary description

1 syuzh. Read the sports photographer. President of the International Association of Sports Press F. Taylor opens a photo exhibition "Sport - Ambassador of Peace". Photographs. 2 syuzh. Family Deryugin at his home in Kiev. IK Deryugin competitions in pentathlon. AN Deriugina trains the daughter of I. Derugin country champion in rhythmic gymnastics. Speech I. Deriugina. 3 syuzh. 100 th anniversary of the founding of the Black Sea Yacht Club. Antique sailing (photo). Yachts A. Green "and" Arctic "Nikolayev Shipbuilding Institute in the sea. Members of the team. Children's section of the Odessa Yacht Club. The boys in the boats with sails. 4 syuzh. World Cup and European Weightlifting Championships in Moscow. Competitions. Awarding of prizes.

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1. Different plans for removing the photographers.

Photos of athletes.

Visitors at the opening of the International Photo Exhibition "Sports - an ambassador of peace."

President, Association of Sports Press F. Taylor opens a photo exhibition.

At the opening of the present Chairman of the Sports Committee of the USSR Pavlov.

F. Taylor and AS Pavlov inspect the exhibition.

Photos of Soviet and foreign journalists, award-winning: "The rider on the horse overcomes an obstacle", "high-jumper," "Wrestling", "Running with the barriers," "Football on a motorcycle," "The Gymnast Olga Korbut.

2. Gymnast I. Deryugin sitting on the parapet of the underpass, eating ice cream.

Users athletes Deryugin.

Irina Deriugina home with his father earned a master of sport of Modern Pentathlon IK Deryugin.

Newsreel footage:

Address IK Deryugina at competitions in pentathlon.

Photos of Ira Deriugina.

I. Deryugin in training with his coach Albina Nikolaevnoj Deriugina.

I. Deryugin speaker at international gymnastics competitions in the Luzhniki Stadium - Perform the exercises with hoop and ribbon.

Her mother and coach, AN Deryugina oversees the performance of Irene.

Gymnast N. Krasheninnikov (1 seat); I. Deryugin (2 seat) and G. Shugurova (3) on the podium.

I. Deryugin holding the cup.

AN Deryugina kisses, greets her daughter.

Photos of athletes - different plans.

Removes photographer.

3. Photos of the veterans of the Russian sailing.

Ancient Black Sea Yacht Club charter.

Preparation of yachtsmen to compete the 100 th anniversary Yacht Club: Yacht "Alexander Green" with the crew on board; athletes reinforce the sail.

The yacht "Arcturus" and other sailing vessels at sea.

Multrabota - Map of the Black Sea with the race route from Odessa to Poti.

Yacht "Alexander Green" (Odessa Yacht Club) and "Arctic" (Nikolayev Shipbuilding Institute Yacht Club) in the sea at a distance.

The crews of yachts during the race - are fixed, remove the sails, watching with binoculars for the opponents.

Yachts at the finish the race.

Chasing "Sailing".

The winning team will award prizes to: the crew of the Arctic - in the first place, the crew of the A. Green "for second place, the crew of the yacht" Arcturus "in 3-D space.

Young Sailors Club have a boat to the water boys in the boats sail out to sea.

Photos of athletes from different sports.

Removes photographer.

4. The solemn opening ceremony of the FIFA World Weightlifting Championships in the Luzhniki Stadium.

The opening to the President of the International Federation Mr.


Athletes before the competition.

Soviet weightlifter Kolesnikov and G. Todorov, Bulgarian athlete getting ready to march.

Jury championship in the hall of the Palace of Sports.

Kolesnikov push rod, not to hold her.

Rod pushes G. Todorov.

G. Todorov, and Kolesnikov on the podium.

Raised the flags of Bulgaria and the Soviet Union.

Rod pushes the Soviet athlete V. Shary, who became world champion and European middleweight champion.

Bulgarian weight lifter lifts the bar of the first heavy weight V. Hristov, who established new world records in the clean and jerk and snatch.

Rod on the pavement.

Soviet weightlifter, weightlifter Alekseev pushes the bar, setting a new world record.

The judge fixes the taking of body weight.

Team of Soviet weightlifters handed the top prize for first place.

Photos of athletes from different sports.

Removes photographer.