Daily News / A Chronicle of the day

Digitized 1745 of 2351. Years 1944 - 1992

The newsreel "Day news" was being issued from 1944 to 1992 5 times per month. The events of country life, internal and international political events became themes of parts usually. Famous soviet film directors Dziga Vertov, Esfir Shub, Eldar Ryazanov etc. were authors of parts of the newsreel in different times.

Our region

Digitized 1278 of 1699. Years 1950 - 1993

Science and technology

Digitized 757 of 1009. Years 1939 - 2003

Soviet Ural Mountains

Digitized 727 of 1411. Years 1953 - 1999

On the wide Volga

Digitized 519 of 736. Years 1962 - 2003

Leningrad chronicles

Digitized 516 of 561. Years 1956 - 1993

Soviet Sport

Digitized 402 of 501. Years 1946 - 1987

The newsreel Ā«Soviet sportĀ» was being issued from 1954 to 1987. Parts of newsreel have been dedicated to a sports life of the country: the Olympic Games, the championships, stories about various kinds of sport, well-known sportsmen became themes of parts of "Soviet sport".


Digitized 343 of 368. Years 1930 - 1945

Die Deutsche Wochenschau

Digitized 327 of 342. Years 1940 - 1945

Want to know everything

Digitized 210 of 292. Years 1957 - 2009

Children's popular science film journal in an accessible form tells the children about everything: about the mysteries and secrets of the universe, about the structure of the world, for outstanding scientific discoveries and technological advances, the flora and fauna of the earth, the structure of the man himself, about all kinds of natural phenomena. Each story of the magazine - it's a fascinating page encyclopedia, which allows young viewers to find the answer seems to be a simple but very im