Soviet Sport 1977 № 9 Olympians among us. Review of the best riders. World record holder.

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Krichevskiy A.

Operators: Koroev N., Golybev G., Leongardt U.


1. Second All-Union sports youth. 2. Team national championship equestrian. 3. European Championships in Athletics Championships - the high jump.

Temporary description

1syuzh. - Second All-Union sports youth: swimming, soccer, etc. 2syuzh. -Team Championship for equestrian sport in Nalchik: 8-km route, overcoming obstacles and others 3syuzh. -European Championships in Athletics Championships.

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1. Sports parade in honor of the 60 th anniversary of the Great October Revolution - are participating in national costumes, mass protests of athletes with banners.

Tourists at rest reading a newspaper with the new draft Constitution of the USSR.

Delivery of complex TRP: throwing grenades, long jump, wrestling, running.

Second All-Union sports youth under the slogan "The Olympians Among Us":

Competition in gymnastics in Minsk - the performance of gymnasts on the beam, the uneven bars, E. Mukhin and other gymnasts on the podium.

Match boxers - the ring members welterweight final of the first Belarusian athlete V. Krapshilo and boxer of Kyrgyzstan Vladimir Grishkovec.

The winner of the battle - B. Grishkovec.

Swimming competition - women's swimming freestyle.

Athletes on the course, applaud the fans.

Finish on 14-year-old athlete from Kharkov T. Matsiborko.

Fragment of a football match at the Dinamo stadium with the participation of the youth national team.

ID master of sports of international class, issued by the football players to the youth national team that won the world title.

Players youth team football with certificates.

Coach C. Mosyagin.

Cup champions.

Team players are photographed.

2. Participants in the national championship for equestrian sports on field trials on eight-track with obstacles - different plans.

The route passes A. Karatsukov on horseback Magenta.

Hippodrome Lenin Komsomol in Nalchik.

Competition in overcoming barriers to power the jump.

Overcomes obstacles J. Belinsky, who won 1 st place and the title of champion.

Drive through the competitors, among them the cavalry of the Russian Federation, the team had gained the victory.

3. At the stadium in Donetsk are participating European Championships in Athletics Championships.

Stand girls in national costumes with bread and salt.

Spectators at the stadium.

Competitions on the run.

Athletes before competition in the high jump.

Soviet athlete Yaschenko warming up before a competition.

Foreign newspapers with articles about Yashchenko.

American newsreel footage:

Address Yaschenko to match the junior of the USSR and the USA in Richmond - overcomes a height of 2 meters 33 centimeters.

Rewarding Yashchenko.

The newspaper "Soviet Sport article about Yashchenko.

Meeting at the airport Yaschenko, who returned from the USA.

Newsreels 1957:

Speech at the World Championships of the Soviet athlete Yuri Stepanov.

Newsreels 1960:

Speech at the Olympics in Rome, the Soviet athlete R. Shavlakadze.

R. Shavlakadze, D. Thomas (USA) and B. Brumel on the podium.


Speech at the competition D. Thomas and B. Brumel.

Stand Brumel and B. D. Thomas.


B. Brumel jumps, sets a new world record of 2 meters 28 centimeters.

Yaschenko warming up before a performance.

Jump to a height of 2 meters 20 centimeters perform - A. Schneider (Germany) and Yashchenko.

A. Schneider, an unsuccessful attempt to overcome a height of 2 meters 22 centimeters.

Placard with the numbers "2-30".

Leaps and overcomes a height of 2 meters 30 centimeters Yashchenko.

Unsuccessful attempt Yaschenko take a height of 2 meters 35 centimeters.

Yaschenko and coach VITelegin give interviews.