Operation "Helium". Movie 2. "From Heaven to Earth". (1991)

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Director: S.Rajtburt, Raytburt C.

Script writers: Semen Rajtburt

Operators: E.Ueckij

Other authors: Zvukooperator A.Romanov, redaktor N.Kaspe, direktor kartini L.Demeschenko, konsuljtant L.P.Petrov, muljtiplikaciya: V.Kulemza, S.Ivanov, v filjme snimalisj: E.Burmistrov, K.Vac, N.Mamuna, E.Negrulj, G.Nikiforov, B.Persival, A.Shejtam


Helium history - a history of substance found earlier on the Sun, then the world. (According to the book M.P.Bronshteyna "Solar Matter." Film of scientific and artistic cycle of paintings on the opening of helium, built on a series of interviews, which could give the participants in those events. Filming in Germany (Heidelberg), England (London - Cambridge, Oxford), Sweden (Stockholm - Museum of Natural History), France (Paris Academy).)



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(Part 1 - Germany.

Universtitetsky town.

Portraits G.Kirghofa, R.Bonzana.

Explanation of the nature of the spectral lines demonstration lines.


Medal with portraits of scientists who discovered helium in the solar corona.




Cavendish Laboratory.

British Museum.

Opening of helium on Earth.

Experience Kavendesha on nitrogen compounds with oxygen.

Replicability Kavendesha opening helium.

Part 2 - Luminescence spectrometer gas.

Oxford universtitet.

Discovery of argon (inert gas).

Sweden, Stockholm.


Collection of minerals.

Spectrum of argon.

Hall of the Paris Academy.)

Key words

The sun; Helium; Discoveries

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Movie №2 Operation "Helium". Movie 2. "From Heaven to Earth"

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History of helium - a history substance found earlier in the Sun, then the world.