Lessons disasters. (1985)

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Producer Sverdlovsk newsreel studio

Director: L.Efimov

Script writers: Yefimov

Operators: Potravnov

Composers: Belov


Using many examples from the history of technology, the film describes the creation of the safety science.

Man-made disasters | Science

Wars, conflicts and disasters

Reel №1

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Newsreel 1910-1960 years: a man dressed in a makeshift parachute, standing on the parapet of the Eiffel Tower, and is preparing to make the leap.

The man falls to the ground.

Firefighters extinguish a fire.

The operator removes the action of fire, it bursts into flames.

Railway accident, the collision of two trains.

The plane crashed on landing in the roof of the house.

Car falls from the hill.

The clash on the track.

The consequences of fires and tsunamis.

Explosion missiles in flight.

Burning in the ground plane.

In the streets of one of the European capitals of the early 20th century, people go, passing carriages.

General view of the Kremlin.

Types streets of Moscow.

Type of construction of the dam across the Yenisei.

View of the construction of the power plant.

Welders inspect the mounted skeleton.

Types of construction of the power plant.

Branches of trees in the rain.

Bubbling brook flows.

General view of the construction of the dam.

The clouds cover the sky.

The flow of water is poured over the dam.

General view of the dam (above).

Streams of water are poured over the dam.

A team of workers is going to place a dam break.

Working run of stepping stones, their covering the water flow.

General view of the dam (above).

Panorama of the dam.

Workers assemble reinforcement cage.

A crane lifts the bucket for pouring concrete.

Work on the construction of the dam.

Architectural monuments of antiquity: a statue of the Sphinx, the ruins of ancient temples, the Parthenon.

View of the Parthenon on the hill.

Crumbling houses in a town in the UK.

Firefighters and rescuers apart the rubble.

People carried out of the zone of destruction surviving things and wounded.

Drawings of building the Tower of Babel.

Photographs of archaeological excavations on the site of the Tower of Babel.

Panorama of the ancient Roman aqueduct.

Types of Egyptian pyramids, the ancient quarter of Rome, the Indian temple.

Photos of Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Drawing of Peter I.

The text of the Decree of Peter I to move the Office of the rifle to Tula.

Peter I. Drawings depicting episodes of the Battle of Poltava.

View of the Eiffel Tower.

View from the top of the Eiffel Tower.

General view of the Eiffel Tower.




Western Europe



Towns and countries; Sporting events
Geography and Nature; Sport

Reel №2

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Newsreel 1920: Shukhov Tower in Moscow.

Construction of a skyscraper in New York.

Common types of Ostankino Tower in Moscow.

Employees engineering service tower watched with instruments for variations in "needle" television tower.

Animation showing fluctuations television tower.

General view of the top of the TV tower.

Interior view of the restaurant "Seventh Heaven" on the TV tower.

Transmitters in the rooms TV tower.

An employee of the transmitting station of the remote control.

General view of the TV tower from the outside bottom.

Steel ropes strung inside the tower.

The device monitors the uniform tension ropes.

Pictures lightning strike in a television tower steeple.

To the technical supervision of the work.

Newsreel, 1940: a general view of Tacoma Narrows Bridges in the United States.

Swing bridge sections.

The collapse of the bridge.

Tacoma Narrows Bridges after the collapse of several sections.

View Crimean Bridge in Moscow.

Scientist Leonid Maslov It tells about the reliability of designs of the Crimean Bridge (synchronously).

Panorama of the Crimean bridge.

Employees spend a special laboratory diagnostic examination of the bridge structures.

Employees monitor the readings.

Maslow gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel: 1930-1950-ies: the collapse of the bridge.

Waves washed over the bow of the ship's deck.

Sinking in a sea trial.

Overturning a sailboat.

Map of Sable Island in the Atlantic Ocean.

Photos of wrecks of sailing ships.

Drawings of the first steamships.

Newsreel, 1936: view of the deck of the liner "Normandie" (above).

The liner "Normandie" in the ocean.

Meeting "Normandy" with sailing vessel.

Drawings and photographs of the liner "Titanic."

Driving internal bulkheads of "Titanic."

Photos of "Titanic" before sailing.

Photographs of the interiors of rooms and decks of "Titanic."

Photo of Captain Smith on the deck of the ship.

Photo prize for speed "Blue Ribbon of the Atlantic."

Game footage: Passengers on the deck of "Titanic."

Newspaper reports about the start of the voyage of "Titanic", on the background of sailing ship.

Game footage: lookout notices iceberg. "Titanic" is moving forward.

Animated diagram of the collision of "Titanic" with an iceberg. "

Animated diagram of the compartments flooded the ship.

Photo of passengers of "Titanic" in the boat.

Drawings depicting the death of "Titanic."

Photo courtroom for catastrophe of "Titanic."


1920s 1930s-1950s 1936 1940


New York



Architecture; Construction; Sea and river transport
Culture and Arts; Sectors of the economy; Transportation

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Figure bells indoors insurance company Lloyd.

Photo British battleship "Victory".

Newsreel of 1914-1916: tilting and sinking a warship.

The crew from the wreckage of the ship rescue comrades.

The bottom of the overturned ship, people jumping into the water.

Portrait of Admiral Makarov SO Photos battleships of the Russian Navy of the late 19th century.

Figure Makarov on the bridge.

Model tests on the ship.

Model aircraft in a wind tunnel.

Models of hydroelectric power, urban traffic.

Newsreel 1930-1960-ies: Test driving a car preparing to test failure.

The car rides on high speed and overturned, people run up to him, put on the wheel, the car starts to move and again picks up speed.

Cars of various brands within the crash barriers.

The car falls in the water.

People inside the sinking vehicle.

People are selected through the top hatch and side windows.

Car accident on the test track.

The spring bumper.

Soft Circle on the steering wheel.

Wipers car headlights.

Type of junction (top).

Truck accident.

Car crash.

Newsreel 1930: the airship in the sky above the city.

Flying blimp.

Steering at the helm of the airship.

The shadow of the earth by a flying airship.

Flying blimp.

The airship "Hindenburg" in the skies over Germany.

View of the village (above).

Photos of the interior of the passenger airship gondola.

Newsreel 1937: the airship "Hindenburg" in the sky over New York.

The commander of the airship M. Preuss said into the phone.

Photo Pruss aboard the airship.

Newsreel 1937: the airship landing.

Passengers look down from the windows of the gondola.

Dirigible mooring mast coming to the airport.

Burning airship falls to the ground.

ESD chain attached to a fuel truck.

Photos of the burnt remnants of "Hindenburg".

Fly passenger planes.

Aircraft in the sky.

Newsreel, 1930: Explosions aircraft during flight.

ML Gallay talks about the causes of the crash in 1930 (synchronously).

Fire truck at the airport.

Gallo Book "through the invisible barriers".

Gallay gives interviews (synchronously).

An article in a foreign magazine Aviation flyattera problems.

Portrait of MV Keldysh Photos Keldysh.

Model aircraft in a wind tunnel.

Designers watch model.

Aircraft models in the wind tunnel, the model fall off the wings.

Photo ANT-25. Photo VP Chkalov Newsreel 1936: Chkalov, Belyakov Bajdukov and after landing at the end of the trip to the Far East.

Boots on the feet of pilots.

Chkalov aircraft starts moving on the airfield.

Flapping ANT-25. Meet the crew Chkalov in Vancouver June 20, 1937 in Vancouver.

People welcome Soviet pilots.

Crew members respond to reporters' questions.

People welcome Soviet pilots.

Publication of Chkalov's flight in the newspaper.


Valery Chkalov - Test Pilot
Bajdukov George Filippovich - Pilot
Alexander Belyakov - Pilot
Max Pruss - German pilot, balloonist


1914-1916 1930s-1960s 1936-1937


New York



Wars, conflicts and disasters; Air transport; Heroes of Space
Transportation; Sectors of the economy; Aviation; Biography; Space

Reel №4

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Passenger plane taxiing on the runway.

The passengers in the cabin.

The plane takes off.

The crew in the cockpit during the flight.

The face of the pilot.

Part of the dashboard lights up a fire alarm.

Those crew members.

The work of the crew in an emergency.

Person crew commander.

The crew keeps in touch with the ground.

The crew goes out after working simulation simulator training emergency.

Newsreel 1910-1920-ies: The Rise of the airframe.

Glider flying, makes the "loop the loop" of the glider drops people.

The plane takes off, falls to the people running it.

The accident aircraft during takeoff.

The accident aircraft during landing.

Plane crash over the water and taking off.

Passenger plane takes off, "IL-62". "IL-62" at the airport.

Technician inspects aircraft.

A technician is testing the aircraft with the help of a special device.

Interior view of the cockpit.

The technician adjusts the aircraft engine components.

The study of samples of waste oil in the presence of metal.

Installation of the new engine.

The plane "IL-86" on the runway.

View band from the cockpit.

Managers ground services sitting at the console.

Work ground service for tracking flights.

Manager monitors the flight.

Head of controllers gives interviews (synchronously).

Managers at the console.

General view of the control room.

Operators mainframe oversee the work of air traffic controllers.

Plane takes off.

Animation explaining the principle of engineering control during flight.

Control officer receives a radio message from the plane.

Text dispatches from the fault code.

Jobs engineering service control in an emergency.

Landing aircraft in poor visibility conditions.

Photo of the accident aircraft came down the runway.

Work experimental network braking on the runway.

Advertisement on the terminal building.

The accident aircraft during landing.




Western Europe



Air transport
Transportation; Sectors of the economy; Aviation

Reel №5

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Newsreel 1960-1970-ies: the wreckage of the aircraft on the ground.

Rescuers from the wreckage.

Passenger aircraft in flight.

The crew in the cockpit.

The passengers in the cabin.

Rescuers dismantled wreckage.

The charred wreckage.

Photos of the crash.

Newsreel 1960-1970 years: the plane lands on the "belly".

People come out of the plane.

Firefighters and rescue workers at the aircraft.

Aircraft engines extinguish with foam.

The solemn ceremony of commissioning of Airbus "DC-10".

View of the airfield.

Registration of passengers on flights.

Scoreboard departure.

Airbus takes off.

Rescuers amid the wreckage of the crashed Airbus.

Messages in the newspapers about a plane crash.

The plane in the shop aircraft factory. "DC-10" is landing.

General view of the dam of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. Streams of water are poured over the dam.

General view of the dam.

Working Sazhin and Kuzmenko the dam.

Gidromontazhniki Khalikov Miskevich and the Danube.

Repair work on the dam.

Face driver Zavalina P.

Repair work on the dam.

Chief Engineer AI Efimenko gives interviews (synchronously).

View of the dam under construction.

The water goes through the dam.

Installation of one of the units of hydroelectric power.

Photo burst the dam.

Chief Engineer KK Kuzmin gives interviews (synchronously).

The water goes through the dam spillway.

Kuzmin gives interviews (synchronously).

Efimenko gives interviews (synchronously).

Splashing waves of the Yenisei.

Kuzmin is on site.

View of the dam and the Yenisei (above).

General view of the dam.

Panorama of the dam.

The turbine room of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydropower plant.

Floating nuclear-powered icebreaker "Lenin".

Fly American airplane.

High-speed train on the track.


Start a space rocket.

View of Earth from space.







Air transport
Transportation; Sectors of the economy; Aviation