Soviet Ural Mountains 1978 № 9

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Director: Galjper E.

Operators: Duplenskij K., Krugovih A., Litvishko V., Lyaginskov R., Smirnov E.


1. "For the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Army." 2. "On the ground, the Tyumen". 3. "For the economy of metal."

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1. "For the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Army."

Feast of the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Army in the Red Banner Urals Military District.

Soldiers make the hall banners.

Commander in Chief District Colonel-General N.K.Silchenko.

Applause of the audience.

Rapporteur on the podium.

Faces of the audience.

The newspaper "Ural worker".

Photos of the early twentieth century.

Rapporteur on the podium.

Faces of the audience.

Photos of World War II.

Rapporteur on the podium.

Cadets in the auditorium.

Marching infantry.

Tank troops.

Rocket Forces.

2. "On the ground, the Tyumen".

View of the snow fields.

Stages of construction of a petrochemical complex.

Tobolsk Kremlin.

Multi-storey buildings.

3. "For the economy of metal."

Ural Scientific Research Institute of Pipe Industry (UralNITI) in Chelyabinsk.

There is a meeting of the staff of the Institute.

Employees conduct experiments in the laboratory.

Variety of epoxy powders.

Paint tube powder coated.

Inspectors monitor the process.

Enamelling pipes.

The laboratory staff conducting research.

Examples of corrosion in the drawings.

Laboratory closes autoclave and sits at the table.

Working at the production line pipe coating.

Enamelling line.

Engineers meeting in the office.

4. Urals, village Mokrousova.


Country house.

Exhibits Museum.

The museum shows the children work the loom.

Man leads a tour.

Drawings and photographs.

Visitors to the museum.

The veterans on the tour.

Map of hostilities of World War II.

Photos of heroes of battles.

Victory Parade participants N.Postovalov.

Children on trips.

People in the exhibition hall.

Anti-tank gun in the courtyard.

Children visiting the instrument.

5. Perm Ballet School.


Girl tying pointe shoes.

The girls are warming up at the barre.

Honored Teacher of the Russian Federation State Prize winner Sakharova LP works with a student.

Group of students at the bench.

Woman wipes the face and neck with a towel.

Girl pours from a watering floor.

Sakharova LP teaches classes.

Young ballerina at the barre.

Girl standing at the window.

Class resting, sitting on the floor.

Sakharova LP rehearsing with a student solo.

The girls in the dressing room preparing for the performance.

Children performing on stage.





Industry; Museums and exhibitions; Ballet; Army
Sectors of the economy; Culture and Arts; Defense and internal security