Auschwitz. (1945)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Svilova E.

Operators: Oshurkov M., Bikov N., Pavlov K., Kutub-Zade K.


The film tells about the crimes of the German Nazis in a concentration camp death "Auschwitz" during the Second World War.

World War II


Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Liberated prisoners with things coming along the fence of a concentration camp "Auschwitz".

The liberated prisoners of the concentration camp.

Those prisoners behind barbed wire.

Panorama concentration camp "Auschwitz" (above).

camp barracks.

Face of an elderly prisoner lying on his bunk.

Types concentration camp "Auschwitz" (above).

General plan of the camp.

and the crematorium ovens plan drawings.

Map of the camp (above).

Drawing barracks.

Women prisoners in one of the barracks.

The face of one of the women.

The inscription "Work makes you free" in German over the camp gate.

View of the camp fence.

Remote control type system controls the voltage and alarm.

Forms part of the camp fence.

Women prisoners in the barracks on the bunk.

Persons older women prisoners.

Women lie on the bunk.

Photos from the archives of the camp prisoners.

The prisoners behind barbed wire.

A person freed prisoner, telling about the life in the camp.

The corpses of the killed prisoners.

Woman and girl are among the dead in the walls of the barracks.

A woman and a girl are on the territory of the camp.

Pass the release of prisoners.

Soviet doctor helps keep haggard woman.

Men findings and bring to a stretcher women from the barracks.

The freed prisoners go out of the camp.

Soviet officers with family members of the Yugoslav government Mandic.

Those members of the family Mandic.

Women come out of the barracks.

Prisoners go past the barracks.

Soviet officers, along with members of the Mandic family walk along the fence of the camp.

Exempt people go out of the camp.

The woman carried on a stretcher.

People walk past the barracks.

Stretcher with a woman lay on the cart.

Patients were taken to the hospital.

The body of a dead German prisoner carried to a stretcher out of the barracks, and then-with the camp.

The convoy with diseased leaves from the camp gate.

Soviet medical personnel and representatives of the International Red Cross removed from the camp liberated children.







Prisons and camps
State institutions

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Children show their hands to put on them camp number.

The release of children withdrawn from the territory of the camp (above).

Children go out of the camp.

The charred remains of the prisoners.

View of one of the destroyed crematorium furnaces.

The charred remains of the prisoners.

Eyelet gas chamber door.

Cylinders with poison gas "Cyclone". to kill people.

Special mask that was used during the executioners of the gas chamber.

A box with a poison for lethal injections.

The corpses of the killed prisoners.

The meeting of a special commission to investigate the crimes at Auschwitz.

The witness answers the questions of the committee members.

Moat stelae prisoners.

Soviet officers come up to the ditch.

The bodies of prisoners who died from exhaustion.

Soviet military and the doctors examine the moat.

The bodies of inmates in the ditch.

Commission members and ex-prisoners approach to improved gallows.

Former prisoners of the camp-scientists tell committee members about the atrocities of the Nazis.

Persons of French Limousin Professor A. Epstein Professor B., P. Mansfeld, Dr.


Scientists explain the commission members gallows device.

Members of the commission in the premises of the camp warehouse, inspect the bales with women's hair.

Mount women's hair.

Bales with women's hair.

Members of the commission examining the hair of women murdered in the camp.

Women braid hair in a pile.

Members of the commission tear bales of hair.

Jaws of dead prisoners and camp tools dentists.

Points of dead prisoners.

Storage of linen and clothes of dead prisoners.

Disclosed gates of the warehouse.

Soviet soldiers inspect a nursery baby's undershirt.

Baby things in camp stock.

Shoes killed prisoners.

Piled in a heap of clothes, toothbrushes and brushes, shaving brushes.

Folded in a pile of prisoners suitcases.

Labels of various countries on their suitcases.

View of pile of suitcases.

Moat with bodies of prisoners.

Are the former prisoners of the camp, the women cry.

Go delegations of various countries.

Pass the Czechoslovak and Polish delegations.

General view of the memorial meeting at the funeral of prisoners.

By the mass grave are the graves.

General view of the mass grave with the established around.

She performs at the memorial service.

General view of the mass grave.

Are the Polish clergy.

View of the memorial meeting.

Weeping women.

Mass graves are beginning to fill the earth.

Weeping women.

Doctors examine surviving Romanian prisoner.

Inspection of children.

Boy with frostbitten feet.

Photographs of children found in the camp archives.

Doctors examine young children.

Inspection of the exhausted boy.

Doctors assisted by former prisoners.

Frostbitten feet prisoner.

Doctors carried out a survey of ex-prisoners.

Female demonstrates arm which poisonous substances injected.

Soviet doctors examining artificially grafted ulcers on the legs of former prisoners.

Doctors examine the wound on the boy's head.

Photos war criminals - the officers of the camp "Auschwitz": Sella, Head of Baer camp.







Prisons and camps; Medicine
State institutions; Science